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Requests for Gold Cabbage in Rune Factory 2

I am afraid that there has been a misunderstanding about a 'Gold Cabbage' Request Event in Rune Factory 2. In the 1st Generation, a 'Gold Cabbage' is one of the unique items requested by Rosalind in her Request at 7 Hearts. I'm afraid I am not good at multi-tasking. I have all these Requests in my game journals but neglected to incorporate them into the Courtship and Marriage Guide! I have rectified that now, but here is the information for players:

Remember always that there are two types of 'Request Items'. There are generic requests for an item that can be found in the ordinary course of your activities. In other words, a gem that can be found by smashing a rock or an item found in the Wilds...

Then there are Unique Request Items. These are specific items that are found only in a single location or through performing a specific task.

The 'Gold Cabbage' requested by Rosalind in the 1st Generation at 7 Hearts is one of the Unique Request ITems. In the 2nd Generation, you will be able to find this item in the Palermo Shrine by using the Inquisitive Waltz but in the 1st Generation, when Rosalind requests it, you must obtain it from Max.

Here is the text of all the Events that deal with the unique 'Gold Cabbage':

Rosalind: You’re looking cheery today. You saw my message, right? Do you know anything about the GOLD CABBAGE? It’s very rare. If you have one, might you please consider giving it to me? Even if you don’t have one right now, perhaps you might be able to get one somewhere? I’ve prepared 20000G for you as a token of my appreciation…
Me: Got it. If it’ll help you out, I’ll see if I can find some way to get one for you.
Rosalind: Getting your hands on a GOLD CABBAGE will probably be really difficult, but you’ll be doing me a huge favour. But still, you could call this a nearly impossible task.
Maybe, just maybe, my brother might have some information on the GOLD CABBAGE. It might be a good idea for you to try talking to him when he’s in his room…

In my game journal, I wrote (to myself): You probably won’t find Max in his room now until 9.00 p.m. so no point searching there any earlier. When night truly falls and the owls begin to hoot, Max will be in his bedroom.

As Melvil pointed out, however, his schedule (as with schedules of most characters) does vary according to the day of the week and the weather. In bad weather, he often can be found in his bedroom earlier. If you have not bothered to befriend the de Sainte Coquille family in general, you may find the doors locked after 6.00 p.m. in any case. What is true is that you ALWAYS should be able to find him in his bedroom after 9.00 p.m.

Max: Freyr, are you searching for a GOLD CABBAGE for my sister?
Me: Yes, I am! But…
Max, you wouldn’t know where I could find a GOLD CABBAGE, would you?
Max: Indeed I do. I have a GOLD CABBAGE right h ere with me.
Me: You do?! What do you want for it?
Noble Max says: don’t worry about it. I’ll give it to you. For free.
Me (with music): Wow! Thank you very much.
Me (with many tears): Oh, but, I’m sorry! I forgot that my backpack is all full. I’ll go clean it out and come back.
Me: You’re a great help, Max. But I don’t know. I feel bad getting this rare ingredient from you for nothing.
Max: Ha ha ha. It’s nothing. It’s a msall investment compared to the returns I’m expecting in the future.
Me: Oh?
Max: Ha ha ha! Never mind. I’m just talking to myself. Don’t mind me.
Max: Alright! Now you got it.
Gold Cabbage: 1580G
A rare golden vegetable. With its new colour, its taste is improved a hundred fold.
Go next door to Rosalind’s bedchamber to give it to her.
Rosalind (with music): That’s incredible, Freyr! I can’t believe you found one! And so quickly, too! You’re really amazing!
Me: Ha ha ha! You’re embarrassing me!
Rosalidn: You’re cute when you’re embarrassed…
Rosalind: …

Rosalind (sweating profusely now): Ha ha! I’ve left both of us speechless.
Rosalind: Ahem. Well then, back to ther matter at hand. Good job, Freyr. Please take your reward. 20000G.
You got: 20000G!
Me: Thanks. I’d better get going…
Rosalind: Oh, Freyr! Don’t leave yet. Wait just a second.
Me: What? Alright. (I wonder what she wants…)
Me: (…) Rosalind, that’s…
Rosalind: All done!
Me: W-What is…
Rosalind: This is my new recipe.
It’s the impossible-to-resist ‘Golden Cabbage Salad!’ I made it with the GOLDEN CABBAGE that you brought me. It’s my crowning achievement! Truly the product of our teamwork! Go ahead, try it!
Me: It looks delicious! I can’t wait to taste it.
*munch munch*
*munch munch*
Mmm… It’s absolutely delicious. It’s… It’s… It’s the best salad ever! I don’t’ think anyone has ever tasted a better salad! I could eat it every day and not grow tired of it. In fact, I really do wish I could eat it every day!
Rosalind: ha ha! You really like it that much? Oh, Freyr! That gives me an idea! I can use the leftover cabbaghe to make cole slaw.
This is the ‘De Sainte-Coquille Cole Slaw’.
Rosalind: You really liked my Golden Cabbage Salad that much? I’m so glad!

Met Rosalind out in the street: Can I tell you something? I kind of did something really silly…
Me: Hmm? What happened? I’ll listen if you want.
Rosalind: Thank you. So I have this habit of counting sheep in my head when I’m having trouble falling asleep.
Me: Mmmhmm.
Rosalind: But! The truth is, I noticed that up until now, I’ve been counting the sheep out loud. And I thnk my brother must have seen or at least heard me doing it at some point… Ahhhh… I just want to crawl in to a hole somewhere.
Me: Ahaha, you’ve been letting yourself get upset about something as silly as that? Counting sheep because you can’t fall asleep… that sounds more cute than anything. I love that silly side of you, Rosalind.
Rosalind: Heh… you love it?! Stop, you’re making me blush!


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