Friday, January 9, 2009

More Tips for the Inquisitive Waltz in Rune Factory 2

This little video shows where you can find Silk Cloth in Rune Factory 2 as well as providing a tip on how to obtain large quantities of ore for projects:


Anonymous said...

In Rune Factory 2 does your kid ever really grow up and marry?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same question here... Well, does it?

Freyashawk said...

This question is answered in a number of my Rune Factory 2 Guides, including the General Guide, the Courtship and Marriage Guide, Requests Guide and the Characters Guide, I believe.

No, your child (who becomes the primary character in the 2nd Generation) never becomes a full adult. There are 'pretend marriages' at the Church, and these are fully documented both in my Guides. As your child is a young adolescent, however, that's as far as it ever will go in this game. True marriage is reserved for the 1st Generation.

Don't be greedy! You do get to go through one real marriage in RF2. I personally see the 1st Generation as the 'romantic' generation and the 2nd as the 'adventure' generation in RF2.