Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marrying Orland in Rune Factory 2

Despite the fact that your character obviously is considered to be a 'child' in the
2nd Generation, players continue to ask if he/she can marry some one and have children. The answer is a definitive 'No'. Romance, however, definitely is NOT excluded and as every one knows, romantic dreams and fantasies become part of our psyche at a very early age.

Furthermore, playacting is very much a part of childhood and indeed a part of human behaviour at any age. When I reached 8 hearts with Orland the day after I chose him as my partner for the Dance Festival, his final Request appeared on the Message Board and I knew it would lead to the Mock Wedding.

In my heart, I always suspected Orland ultimately would capture my heart, although Leonel is as beautiful as an angel and appeals to me aesthetically as well. Roy is hilarious but he is one boy I always will think about strictly in terms of friendship, although I will post his mock wedding event as well...

One doesn't break the habits of a lifetime easily. Guys with long blond hair and supercilious attitudes who secretly include you in their exclusive circle always exerted an odd power over me, quite apart from my lifetime fascination with Elves.

Here is the Mock Wedding with Orland. I posted the Dance Festival Events yesterday. His consummate grace and that lovely cape swinging about as he moved on that occasion sealed MY fate.

I should like to learn a little wisdom one day, to resist that pull of the brooding, tormented soul, knowing full well that some one who behaves discourteously towards the world at large ultimately will not be transformed into a different being simply because he is in love with you... Well, never mind all that. The beauty of Harvest Moon is that we can follow our hearts' desires without suffering real-life consequences.

Next on my list for romance is sweet Leonel. I never thought he looked like a girl. He looks like a beautiful choir boy and if Orland did not exist, I could promise myself happily to him...

One does have to remind oneself that these are MOCK weddings, even in Harvest Moon. My character may lose a day with each Wedding Event, but she regains control next to her mother in the farmhouse bedroom. One does wonder, however: Precisely WHAT does occur during that 'lost day' after the ceremony ends???

Oddly enough, you lose an entire day if you go through the ceremony with the Twins but with Orland, only the remainder of the current day.

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