Sunday, January 20, 2008

When Worlds Collide... and Nami lies!

The 100 FP event between Cliff and Nami has been included both in the original Harvest Moon DS game and in the new Cute 'girl' version of the game. I personally was outraged by this event when I first experienced it in the original game.

It occurs on a rainy Saturday afternoon after 1.00 p.m. in the lobby of the Inner Inn. Both Nami and Cliff must be at 100 FP. In Cute, I employed a very expensive strategy to raise Cliff to 100 FP while he still was at black heart level in my first Spring. I simply fed him chocolate at a value of 1 FP per gift after the initial chocolate increased his FP by +3. This is not a strategy I recommend to other players. I did it because I like to experience events as early as possible for my Events Guides. There is no particular advantage in experiencing the event early. It does not increase any one's AP or FP.

In any case, the event in both versions of the game basically is the same. Nami tells Cliff that SHE was the one who rescued him in the square in Mineral Town on that snowy day when he fell unconscious to the ground. What a bare-faced lie!!! After all, it was ME who rescued him both in Friends of Mineral Town (as a boy) and in More Friends of Mineral Town (as a girl).

Nami rather cleverly declares that she left immediately after taking Cliff to the clinic because the doctor would have asked all sorts of 'annoying questions' if she had stayed, thereby explaining (albeit falsely) why no one saw her at the scene. Why on earth would Nami say 'such a terrible lie', to borrow Prissy's words in 'Gone with the Wind'. Is it for the glory? Is it because she has secret aspirations to win Cliff's heart, despite her official preference for Gustafa? Why, o why? After all, as Nami declares at the end of the event when she realises that I overheard the entire conversation: 'It's not like me to help people'. Well, I didn't think it was like her to lie either!

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satoro said...

damn it! i hate it when this sort of thing happens......... at first i bought fomt and couldn't find the girl version. i fell in love with cliff, at first sight too. i found out a cheat to be gay. lol. but before i could try, i messed up and cliff ended up marrying ann, who was my second choice if i couldn't marry cliff. so i was screwed. lol