Saturday, January 19, 2008

Marlin's Delicate Condition


With the new bachelor Heart Events in 'Cute', one gains more insight into the characters and history of these individuals.

In Griffin's 2nd Heart Event, one finds him at the clinic with glass in his foot, having broken some bottles. You have a chance to call him a 'Klutz' if you are disposed to be mean-spirited. Even if you display concern instead, he will refer to himself as a Klutz ultimately in the course of the event.

In Marlin's 2nd Heart Event, you discover that he has been seriously ill in the past and therefore cannot be allowed to work in the rain... This despite the fact that you may meet him on a rainy evening on his way to the Blue Bar for a drink!

Some of the faces that Marlin makes as his emotions change are priceless. It would be difficult to marry a man who makes faces like this... in like fashion, some of Rick's expressions in More Friends of Mineral Town made it almost impossible for me to consider him as a spouse.

I have included some photographs from the event that occurs if you make the wrong choice of response. In this situation, you have the choice of telling him that Celia simply is concerned about him or to suggest that he cheer up. Telling him that Celia is concerned is the WRONG choice if you do not want his heart level to drop to black again. He will become enraged and tell you that he wants no one's pity. He then will declare that a man should be strong and that he is ashamed of his weak condition.

There is an odd moment when Celia muses aloud that she should not ask your character for help. Surely if you heard that, you would leap into the breach and OFFER your help but you are given no opportunity to do so. I suppose it is a way to manipulate the event to expose Marlin's impotence in the situation.

N.B. I wish I could take better photographs of the DS screens.

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