Friday, January 25, 2008

Choosing your Events Wisely in HM DS or HM Cute DS

What to do? What to do? If you are playing the original Harvest Moon DS game, you can use my First Year Events Guide to plot out your game... with respect to the new Harvest Moon Cute, I am working on a First Year Events guide now.

When creating a new Events Guide and when plotting my own game, I often move ahead a day, without saving the results, to see which events can be triggered on any given day in specific weather conditions. I have reached a point now where weather is critical to define the game. It is Saturday night. Weather is determined when you awaken the next morning. I have a rainy day prediction saved in Slot 2 and a sunny day prediction saved in Slot 1.

As players of Harvest Moon DS know, it can be very confusing to save more than one game in separate slots as it is very easy to overwrite a game by saving in the wrong slot just once! Many new games for the DS do not allow the player to save in more than one slot for this reason. In any case, I need to decide which path to take.

If I allow a sunny Monday to occur, I can experience the following:
6.00 a.m. exiting the Excavation Site, Mary's 100 FP Event
6.30 p.m. at the Blue Bar, Marlin's 3rd or Blue Heart Event

If I allow a rainy Monday to occur, I can experience the following:
6.00 a.m. at the Blue Bar, Part I of Skye's 2nd or Purple Heart Event
10.00 p.m. at the Blue Bar, Part II of Skye's 2nd or Purple Heart Event

Marlin's 3rd Heart Event actually can be experienced in either situation, rain or shine, but there is a problem with this particular event, in that it will send your character straight to bed. That means that, should you experience Part I of Skye's Purple Heart Event at 6.00 a.m. but then enter the Blue Bar between 6.30 p.m. and 9.00 p.m., you will experience Marlin's Blue Heart Event and be sent to bed, unable to experience Part II of Skye's Event!

I do need to discover if, having triggered Part I of Skye's Event, if I miss Part II by experiencing Marlin's Event, will Part II trigger a fortnight later if I organise another rainy Monday? (My first chance would be fourteen days later as the blasted Chicken Festival is due to occur next Monday.) Or will it be lost to me forever? That will require a lot of organisation and time-wasting though... I am not certain I really wish to go through with that long-shot now.

In the meantime, which do I choose? Rain or shine? Players who are intent upon a single bachelor and do not care about 'non-essential' events never will experience my dilemma, but I know there are other players like me who are determined to experience EVERY possible event in any Harvest Moon game. My instinct is to experience Skye's event first as after all, he is only at purple heart level and Marlin is at blue heart level. I like to keep all the bachelors as equal as possible in terms of their heart levels until I finally choose one for my husband.


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

I would recommend going with your instinct and experience the Skye event as he surely is the one you admire most! Your blogspot has provided me a vicarious glimpse into HM:Cute.

It now becomes apparent to me how much work goes into your guides. They are certainly a real help.
I am by no means a completist. I choose not to try and experience all the events, so that, should I play again, I could pursue a different path. (much like a "Choose-your-own-Adventure" book).

I look forward to reading your guide when you publish it!

Keep well
Happy harvesting
Shaggy the Mountain Gnome

Freyashawk said...

Dear Shaggy,

How sweet of you to involve yourself in my game!

Actually, my way of playing games changed a little as I became more involved with writing guides for them. I do like to pursue every path and experience every possible ending, but I try to do it as I go along. Otherwise, I never would be able to move forward to another game!

I don't know why Skye is so appealing. I probably wouldn't like him AT ALL in real life, but in Harvest Moon, I can afford to admire a guy like that without fear of reaping any negative consequences. After all, in Harvest Moon games, ALL husbands and wives are fairly equal...