Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Best wishes for the New Year

Unfortunately, my own New Year began with illness. Nonetheless, I would like to convey my rather belated wishes for a bright New Year and a challenging one (gamewise) to every one.

The Sims2 Castaway General Guide is complete and can be found on the right side of this page. Two guides for MySims for DS have been added. One is a Comprehensive Walkthrough. The other is a General Guide. Ironically, it was a game that I initially thought did not require much of a guide. Despite that assessment, I proceeded to create two rather detailed guides for the game! Like all the Sims games, it possesses its own unusual charm. I particularly like the Scuba Diving mini-game. One actually becomes quite excited when one is able to take a photograph of a rare denizen of the sea! Elizabeth's 'Fashion Reviews' are almost as vexing as Gracie's fashionista pronouncements in Animal Crossing. Being forced to trudge back and forth across the map to change outfits in order to meet her bizarre requirements can be a little frustrating but thanks to my guide, other players should not be obliged to do this...

For gamers who adore Animal Crossing and would like to play another game like it, MySims for DS is the closest match I have encountered. In lieu of fossils, there are treasures hidden beneath 'fallen stars' that sparkle on the ground only at night. Like Animal Crossing, there is fishing, and treasures sometimes can be found inside fish that you have caught. There is the ability to decorate two houses with furniture either purchased at local shops or acquired with winnings from the Casino or by 'dowsing'. In short, the game is much more detailed than it might appear at first glance.

MySims for Wii is more of a building game than anything else. It is fascinating in its own way, but the DS version has more of the 'flavour' of Animal Crossing in my own opinion. Both are excellent games.

Sims2 Castaway on Wii and PSP virtually are one and the same. My General Guide for the Wii version can be used for the PSP game as well. I even included some of the controls for the PSP game in my General Guide.

A new Harvest Moon game is due to be released for the Wii in February. I cannot wait to play it! Actually, though, I wish to add some details to my existing guides, including Rune Factory and MySims for Wii. I did promise to write a guide for Harvest Moon Boy & Girl as well. That will take precedence I think. I haven't been able to begin that yet!


Anonymous said...

Dear Freyashawk

I am sorry for asking you such a stupid question-- i figured it out about 5 minutes after I sent the comment on a previous conversation.
I'm sorry for troubling you, and I hope I didn't make you type out what to do.

many thanks,

Freyashawk said...

Dear Toagie,

Game questions are not stupid, but this is covered in some detail in my General Guide for Rune Factory. Links to all my guides are provided on the right side of the page. There is an entire section that deals with Festivals and gives the text as well of the event with different girls when they spend the festival with you.