Friday, January 25, 2008

Nina's Mischief in Harvest Moon Cute


There is a truly hilarious event in Harvest Moon Cute that apparently was in the original Japanese Harvest Moon DS boy game but which never could be triggered in the English version. It is an event between Galen and Nina, experienced on Saturday afternoon by crossing the bridge to the east and walking down the path that skirts the river.

In this event, Nina and Galen agree that they have been fortunate to have lived in the Valley for many years but Nina suddenly confesses that she is bored. She therefore has decided to enter a street-fighting tournament. Galen is as startled as I was when I heard her declaration.

Of course, she is teasing him and has no intention of starting the training... but having known Nina in A Wonderful Life, witnessing her 'race' with the Turtle, one never can be quite certain when she is serious about a plan!

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