Saturday, January 19, 2008

Girl Talk in Harvest Moon Cute


One very charming aspect of Harvest Moon games in general is the friendship that develops or exists between girls who actually may be rivals for the affection of the eligible bachelors. Even if you are courting Griffin, Muffy always will be delighted to see you at the Blue Bar.

In both the original 'boy' version and the new 'girl' Cute, old friendships exist between Valley girls and Mineral Town girls and there are a number of events that illustrate this. Celia and Karen are close friends and Karen in fact spends every Tuesday morning in Celia's room. As any one who knows Karen well might expect, she likes to spend her evenings in the local bar and on Tuesdays, can be found at the Blue Bar. Mary and Lumina are rather unlikely close friends, and Mary spends Monday mornings in Lumina's room and Monday afternoons in the parlour listening to Lumina play the piano. On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, Elli can be found at the piano, although she is not as close to Lumina as Mary.

The events that occur require 100 FP level for the girls involved.

If you walk into Celia's bedroom on Tuesday morning, you will experience an event between Karen and Celia. The two girls assert the general 'coolness' of their home villages, and there is an odd moment when Karen suggests that there is 'too much style' in the Valley! Karen ultimately is willing to admit that Forget-Me-Not Valley is equal to Mineral Town in this respect and the event ends with an invitation to visit Mineral Town from Karen to Celia.

If you go to the Blue Bar on Tuesday night, you will experience an event between Muffy and Karen. Like many events in Harvest Moon, this one gives a sly hint to players who have not discovered the possibilities at the Excavation Site.

Muffy admires Karen's new earrings and Karen confesses that she found them at the Excavation Site but that she became quite filthy in the process, as she had to 'dig' for them... Muffy does not like the idea of getting her hands dirty and at the end of the event, she will ask you if you might be willing to help her obtain a pair...

There are other events later in the original 'boy' game that involve Mary's talents as a writer and Kate's admiration both of Lumina and Mary. I have yet to discover if they have been included in Cute.

Incidentally, for new players of ANY Harvest Moon game, the exit from the village always is nothing more than a 'tease' where your character is concerned. Whether it is Mineral Town, Forget-Me-Not Valley or the village in Magical Melody, your character NEVER will be able to leave, no matter how great his/her success and how high his/her friendship levels with every one. Other villagers may come and go freely but your character is not allowed to emulate them in this respect.


Roxy said...

Hi Freya, I've used your Animal Crossing Guides and Harvest Moon Guides - they're very helpful and they rock! Good luck with future guides, I really can't wait for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness :)


Vicky said...

Hey Freya! One of my favourite games in HVM (character wise) is the Cute game. It, of course, involves the GB characters and the Gamecube characters.
I love how it gives each character a deeper personiality, and they all interact with each other. It's like being stuck in the middle of a (slow) story! I was wondering which one you think is the best (character wise)?