Saturday, January 19, 2008

The pleasures and dangers of Courtship in HM Cute

The main difference between the original Harvest Moon DS game and the new Harvest Moon Cute is the addition of the bachelors' Heart Events as one might have expected. To my delight, as I had mentioned in a previous post, some of the original Japanese non-romantic events eliminated from the original English edition of the 'boy version' of Harvest Moon DS have been restored to Cute as well. In the first fortnight of Spring, I was able to experience three events between Hugh and Kate that had been eliminated from the English 'boy' version of the game but had existed in the Japanese original. Unfortunately, I have discovered so far that one event included in the 'boy' game has been omitted from Cute: the event between Cody and Grey, wherein they discuss creativity and art. I am fairly certain now that the event cannot be triggered in Cute. I raised both Cody's and Grey's friendship to 100FP, although the original 'boy' game had no FP requirements for the event, and I still could not experience it. Pity, but it is a minor event, and one can experience it in the 'boy' game...

Grey's event with Cody is not the subject of this post, however. I wanted to share a rather amusing example of Rock's personality in his new 2nd Heart Event. It occurs in the Lobby of the Inner Inn on a rainy morning. Rock's ceiling has sprung a leak and Ruby has gone off to find assistance in the form of Gotz. (In my game, Gotz actually could be found on my farm working on a new storage barn for my Stone material, but Ruby did not ask me about that... One assumes that the event presupposes a trip to Mineral Town by Ruby.)

In any case, Nami is left to take charge of the desk, as Rock is nowhere to be found. In this event, Rock breezily enters to ask cheekily if any one has cooked him a meal, completely unrepentant when he discovers that Nami has been obliged to assume command in Ruby's absence.

You are forced to choose sides here between Nami and Rock. If you support Nami's complaint, you will gain 10 FP with her but Rock's heart level instantly will be reduced to black again. If you side with Rock, you will lose 10 FP with Nami, but Rock's heart level will remain purple and indeed, increase by 3000 AP as is always the case when you respond correctly in the course of any one's Heart Event.

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