Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sympathy for Griffin


I now am crushed by the weight of my guilt for having made ANY comment about Griffin's advanced age in an earlier post about the eligible bachelors in Harvest Moon Cute for the DS.

I am experiencing all the 3rd or Blue Heart Events now and in fact, Griffin's Blue Heart Event deals with his age and his perception of himself as a 'worn-out old bachelor'. When I experienced the event, my heart went out to him, even though he is not my first nor even second choice for a spouse, despite his sterling character.

I do try to raise every bachelor's heart level to yellow at least to experience all four heart events for each, even if I have no intention of marrying them. At the same time, before I save the event, I experience both the 'positive' and 'negative' endings for my guide.

In Griffin's 3rd Heart Event, you are pressed by Ruby into stating whether or not you think Griffin is too old for you. She places herself in the position of a matchmaker. To Griffin's credit, he suffers at the thought of YOUR embarrassment at being put on the spot. If you declare that he is too old, obviously his heart level will drop. If you declare: 'Why wouldn't I like you?', Griffin will deflect the conversation as quickly as he can. Although he evidently likes you, he is a very self-effacing man.

I shan't mind proposing to him in a future game as much as I had thought I would. He is such a decent, sensitive guy...

I have included a photograph here of the most extraordinary expletive I have encountered so far in Harvest Moon. It is used by Ruby at the start of the event: 'Oh dagnabbit!'

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