Saturday, January 26, 2008

'If you can catch me... I'll tell you anything you want.'


The 2nd Heart Event with Skye is as provocative as the first. Skye's events are a little more complex than most other Heart Events in Harvest Moon as most of them are in two separate parts. You basically are given a notice of his impending visit early in the day and then are required to return between 10.00 p.m. and midnight to experience the second and main part of the event.

The 2nd Heart Event occurs at the Blue Bar. Muffy and Griffin are induced to leave by the tempting odour of curry, oddly enough... Skye then enters and immediately works his charms on you.

'We meet again, my darling Freya,' he exclaims. 'Do you believe that fate has drawn us together?'

Respond in the affirmative and he will be pleased. Respond instead that 'I'm here to catch you,' and his heart will plummet to black level again.

Whatever response you give, he then will shoot you with his powerful 'CHICK-BEAM', a burst of white light that will paralyse you temporarily.

Interestingly enough, you then will have a couple of opportunities to restore his heart level to purple if you made the mistake of declaring that you were there only to catch him...

You will be able to choose between asking him questions about himself or remaining silent. Choose to ask questions and he will be delighted.

Finally, however, he will declare that it is best for him not to tell you too much as: 'if I simply tell you, it will take the mystique out of our relationship.' He then offers the ultimate challenge: 'If you can catch me, I'll tell you anytying you want.'

When he hears the voices of Muffy and Griffin in the distance, he excuses himself. Muffy and Griffin will return and Muffy definitely will be a little put out that she missed the thief! When she tells you that she is sorry that she 'just left you all alone', one has the feeling that much of her disappointment is due to the fact that she missed the thrill of being a target of Skye's CHICK-BEAM.

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