Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Birthday Gift List in Sunshine Islands


When I experienced my first Birthday in Sunshine Islands, I was thrilled to receive Birthday Gifts from a few individuals who had reached 7 Hearts early in the game. In my enthusiasm, I made a video about it.

In fact, as I continued to play Sunshine Islands, I discovered that each Character can give one of three possible Gifts for your Birthday. Some of them are rare and expensive items, such as the Firefly Flower, Gold Lumber and Twin Herb. Others, such as Bodigizer XL and Hungerizer, are quite useful.

I now have added a section to my Guide that lists all Characters with the Birthday Gifts that they give to you. When I replayed the Events in the first year, I always received the same item from each individual, which is one reason I did not realise there was a possibility of obtaining different items. It is possible that the Gifts are determined by the Year in which you are playing and that they follow a set order.

Your Birthday in Sunshine Islands

When you reach 7 Hearts or Yellow Heart Level (40,000 points) with any individual, even while you remain single, you will receive a special Birthday Gift from that Character if you speak to him/her on your Birthday. The only exceptions are Haila, Nick and your own Child. Each Character gives a different Gift and many of them are rare or valuable items. Each Character actually has the potential of giving one of three different Gifts, one of which usually is far more valuable and rare than the others. For example, Will’s Gift can be the very rare Firefly Flower, a Red Magic Flower or a Pinkcat Flower and Shea’s Gift can be a Truffle, a White Herb or a Large Fish. The gifts follow a specific order and the actual gift you receive is determined by the year.
Note that, for all Characters who themselves have Birthdays that are defined in Sunshine Islands, one of the three Gifts is THEIR Most Favourite Gift. The order of the Gifts is not determined by the degree to which the Character favours the Gift, however. For example, in Elliot’s case, his Most Favourite Gift is Stir-Fried Veggies, which you will not receive from him until the 3rd year.
Your choice of Birthday makes it either more or less likely that you will receive any Birthday Gifts in the 1st Year. Remember, however, that the list rotates and 1st Year Gifts will be 4th year Gifts as well. Your choice of Birthday will determine which Mineral Town visitor(s) ever give you his/her Birthday Gifts as their visits are set in specific seasons.
Receiving a Birthday Gift is one method by which your Shipping List can be completed early in the game in the case of rare items.
The List of Birthday Gifts includes:
Elliot: Vegetable Juice, Chop Suey, Stir-Fried Veggies
Vaughn: Porridge, Superb Butter, Milk Soup
Denny: Fish and Chips, Sashimi, Carpaccio
Pierre: Chestnut Kinton, Rolled Omelet, Paella
Will: Firefly Flower, Red Magic Flower, Pinkcat Flower
Mark: Summer Sun, Gold Lumber, Winter Sun
Shea: White Herb, Truffle, Large Fish
Natalie: Fruit Sandwich, Blueberry Juice, Strawberry Milk
Julia: Superb Mayonnaise, Superb Yogurt, Dried Bean Curd
Sabrina: Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald
Lanna: Paella, Fish Meuniere, Yam Pudding
Lily: Gold, Diamond, Red Magic Flower
Chelsea: Fall Sun, Spring Sun, Gold Lumber
Witch Princess: Twin Herb, Gold Lumber, Red Herb
Alisa: Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Fruit Dumpling
Taro: Bodigizer XL, Fried Tofu Dumplings, Hungerizer XL
Felicia: Vegetable Gratin, Apple Pie, Tempura Noodles
Mirabelle: Suffolk Wool, Silkie Egg*, Superb Cheese
Chen: Noodles, Tempura Noodles, Curry Noodles
Charlie: Soybean Rice Candy, Dry Curry, Chocolate Banana
Gannon: Gold Lumber, Natto, Tempura Rice
Eliza: Donut, Baumkuchen, Toy Flower
Regis: Diamond, Peridot, Topaz
Nathan: Pancake, Steamed Bread, French Toast
Wada: Grilled Fish, Large Fish, Medium Fish
Witchkin: Peach, Natto, Peach Juice
Harvest Goddess: Pineapple, Firefly Flower, Strawberry
Cliff: Sponge Cake, Bamboo Rice, Cheese Fondue
Trent: Vegetable Juice, Jersey Milk, Soy Milk
Karen: Wine, Risotto, Pizza
Popuri: Omelet Rice, Doria, Pudding
Kirk: Rolled Cabbage, Soybean Rice Candy, Cold Tofu
Carol: Boiled Tofu, Tofu Steak, Lassi
Martin: Sashimi Bowl, Fish Sticks, Simmered Fish
Ray: Pumpkin Pudding, Chocolate Cake, Sushi
Slater: Relax Tea, Pineapple Pie, Bodigizer
Isaac: Hungerizer, Mixed Rice, Emerald

*Note that you can incubate this Silkie Egg to obtain a Silkie Chick early in the game.


Wyla said...

Hi Freya! I really like your guides, because even though i have the official brady games sunshine islands guide, your guide has some information that the guide doesn't have.
However, I'd like to point out that the order you receive the birthday presents in is not random. You receive one birthday present in the first year, then another in the second year, and you receive the last present in your third year. In the fourth year, you receive the present you got in the first year, and the order repeats.
I hope I helped!

Freyashawk said...

Thanks for your input, Wyla. Have you tested this yourself with every character? If so, let me know and I will add the information, although I usually like to be able to confirm it myself first. It would make sense, however, in view of the fact that reloading again and again did not change the Gift I received...

Wyla said...

Well, I'm not a very good harvest moon player, and I don't have as much time as I'd like to play Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands at a pace that I like, so I haven't had the chance to test this. However, I do have the official Brady games guide, and in the 'Your friends and Neighbors' section it says,
'Birthday Presents: If you have built at least 40,000 friendship points with a character, they'll give you presents when you speak to them during your birthday. They'll give you the first listed present on Year 1, the second on Year 2, the third on Year 3, and then baack to the first present on Year 4 (and so on).'
I hope that this was helpful. :)

Freyashawk said...

Thanks for your honesty, Wyla. I don't know if you realise that I wrote the Official Strategy Guide for ToT... but the problem with any of these written guides is the deadline. There really isn't enough time to edit. There are a couple of errors in my ToT Guide, two of them copy-edit errors and two major errors due to the fact that the retail version was different from the version I played. Because of the deadline, I did not have time to change the guide to conform with the new version of the game. I did not write the SI Official Guide or work on it at all. (If I had, I wouldn't be able to write and publish my own internet guides). I think you will find that about half of the birthdays listed for Characters in the Official SI guide are wrong... The Official Guide states also that Yellow Wonderfuls increase product, which is not the case. That is what the Orange Wonderfuls do. Anyway, I daresay the birthday gift information is correct, but I would prefer to test it first... I hesitate to mention errors in some one else's guide, and having written one of them myself, I know very well the pressures that the writers have to face to meet the deadlines. At least on the internet, I can correct and update any errors in my Guides.