Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sun Stone Requirement in Sunshine Islands Marriages

A number of players were a little bewildered when, having experienced all Heart Events for an Eligible Girl/Bachelor and having met all other ordinary requirements for marriage, the individual, at deepest red heart, would refuse the player's Proposal and Blue Feather.

There is an added requirement for marriage in Sunshine Islands that is related to Sun Stones. Where Characters in Sunshine Islands are concerned, there are two different types of Sun Stone Gifts. One is given after the player has given give 'Favourite' items as gifts. This little Event can occur anywhere on the Map when you speak to the individual after having given five Gifts that have been received 'with music'.

There is another Sun Stone, in many cases, that you can receive from a Character as well. This is the Sun Stone that is given as 'owner' of a house or business. In the case of any Eligible Girl/Bachelor, it is only those who have their own houses or businesses that will give this Sun Stone to you.

Why is this a requirement for marriage when only some Eligible Girls/Bachelors live by themselves? The reason is that, once you marry the individual, he/she will come to live with you in your Farmhouse. This Sun Stone Event, which occurs at two hearts, only can be triggered when you enter the home of the individual who owns it. Once you are married, the individual no longer will be at his/her old address. This must be the reason why the owner's Sun Stone Event must occur BEFORE you are allowed to marry the individual.

In the ordinary course of gameplay, most players never will be aware of this Sun Stone requirement for marriage. In my own first game, I collected as many Sun Stones as possible as early in the game as I could. I therefore had received all possible Sun Stones from every Eligible Girl and Bachelor long before I had experienced all Heart Events.

It is possible, however, that a player may raise heart levels and experience Heart Events without ever entering the home of the Eligible Girl/Bachelor to trigger the owner's Sun Stone Event. After all, it is easy to create a routine where you meet and greet every Character in the same location day after day. Often, it is most convenient to greet Characters at the Cafe or Diner in a single visit rather than entering every home on every Island. Where some one like Shea is concerned, you may meet and greet him when he is outside his tent rather than doing so when he is inside. Where Will is concerned, you may neglect to visit him on board his ship after he reaches two hearts to obtain the Sun Stone he gives as 'owner'.

Evidently, Heart Events pre-empt Sun Stone Events in these situations. Otherwise, players who enter a home in order to trigger a specific Heart Event automatically would experience the Sun Stone Event first... In any case, players need to be aware of the fact that you must obtain every possible Sun Stone from an Eligible Girl/Bachelor before you will be able to propose successfully to him/her.


midna said...

Hello Freya, I'd just like to add another piece of information regarding the Sun Stone you receive from an individual at their house. From the experience gained in my own game, just having a character at 2 hearts is not sufficient to receive the Sun Stone from them at their premises - you must have received the Sun Stone from giving them 5 favourite gifts first. In my own game, although I 'meet and greet' everyone daily, I only give out gifts on birthdays usually. In order to unlock Sun Stones then, for each character I saved up 5 favourite gifts and then gave them over the course of 5 consecutive days. In the case of Lily, for example, although she arrived on Sprout Island halfway through Year 1, it was not until Winter of Year 2 that I'd finally accrued enough mining points to be able to mine gold to give to her as presents. I'd endeavoured to meet and greet her at the Inn every morning, but even at 5 hearts, I still could not unlock the Sun Stone from her premises. It was only when I gave her the 5th piece of gold, thus unlocking the gifr of a Sun Stone, that I was able to simply exit and re-enter her room, immediately triggering her second Sun Stone present.

Freyashawk said...

That is interesting, Midna. I automtically obtained all the 'Gift' Sun Stones immediately, so never had any trouble with the 'owner' Sun Stones. Was it only Lily or did you test this on other Characters as well? Remember that, in cases where more than one individual lives at the 'home' or 'shop', you often need to have them all at 2 Hearts before the head of the household will give the 'owner' Sun Stone.

midna said...

Hi Freya, yes this seems to be the case for all characters. Regis and Sabrina were both at 4 hearts before I received their 'owner' Sun Stone, as were Gannon and Eliza. Again, just after I'd given Regis a 5th favourite gift, triggering the 'gift' Sun Stone, I was able to exit the mansion and re-enter immediately to receive the 'owner' Sun Stone. I know this is not the most rigorous study, but I think it's a pretty safe bet that you can't receive the 'owner' Sun Stone before you have obtained the 'gift' Stone from each individual concerned.

On a slightly different topic, but still related to gift giving, does your pet pig also have a most favourite gift? I always feed my pig by hand (oh, how I love that pig!) on either eggs I've picked up that morning or whatever I've gathered on the ground that day. Last summer I noticed that a gift of blueberries elicited a response of a big red heart above piggy's head rather than the usual musical note! I'm currently experimenting with giving him all sorts of items, but so far it's just blueberries that get this response. Is this something you've noticed at all?

Freyashawk said...

I am going to mention you in the Credits section for the Owner/Personal Sun Stone connection as I know you are a careful player and trust your information.

As for the Pig, I always hand-feed him and throw Pet Food into the Feeder only for use in any possible emergency, such as a severe storm or if I am unable to visit him on any given day due to lack of time. I haven't found any item apart from Blueberries that elicits the heart response.

Apart from Pig research, I am trying to research Sprite likes and dislikes now... would you be willing to help me? I have a very short list of Most Favs for each Team at present and in particular, would like to find easy, cheap gifts for the Indigo, Red and Yellow Teams. I know Milk is a Most Fav for the Indigo and that the Yellow Team loves Yams, but that still is rather expensive stuff, especially for players who are in the early stages of the game. They all LOVE Flour, of course, but that is a fairly expensive proposition for players who haven't grown their own Wheat or grains yet!

Freyashawk said...

By the way, Midna, I received my first Truffle from my Pig after I gave him the first Blueberry. Do you receive Truffles often from him and at what heart level was he when he found the first one?

Freyashawk said...

Having given it some more thought, I suspected that Strawberry would give the same response as Blueberry and in fact, this is correct. The Pig displays a big red heart for a Strawberry as well.

midna said...

Wow, thank you very much for the mention! And the information about the pig makes a lot of sense. Now that you mention it, I also received a Truffle after giving my pig his first blueberry. I hadn't connected the two events before! I'm currently in the middle of Winter in Year 2, but I will definitely check out giving him srawberries once Spring comes around again. Piggy is currently at 5 hearts, and I haven't received a truffle from him since - it'll be interesting to see if strawberries also elicit gifts of truffles!

With regards to the Harvest Sprites, I should confess I have been shamefully neglecting them! I still only have the basic members of each team, none of them are at more than one heart, and I'm afraid I haven't asked them to perform a single enchantment. I shall make them my new project however, and will report back if I find anything interesting!