Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friendship Point Values for Actions in Sunshine Islands

A player posted a comment asking about specific point values of actions in Sunshine Islands. This information is included in my Sunshine Islands Walkthrough and General Guide, but I will post it here as well:

Friendship Point Values

The following are the actions that will increase or decrease Friendship with an individual with their point values:

Actions that increase Friendship/Affection:

Meeting and Greeting an Individual on any ordinary day: 100 points

Meet and Greet any Individual during a Festival: 400 points

Show any Individual an Animal he/she loves: 100 points

Give a Gift an Individual likes: 100 point to 800 points depending on the Gift

Give a Birthday Gift an individual likes: 300 points to 2400 points depending on the Gift

Actions that decrease Friendship/Affection:

Neglecting to meet and greet an Individual on any ordinary day: -100 points*

*You have a 30% chance of losing Friendship with any individual. This decrease will not occur 70% of the time.

Showing any individual an Animal he/she dislikes: -100 points

Give an Gift an individual dislikes: -300 to -5000 points

Littering on an individual’s home island or on Meadow Island: -100 points

Littering inside an individual’s dwelling: -300 points

As you can see, if you are diligent with a daily ‘meeting and greeting’ ritual that includes all characters on all the Islands, you will raise Friendship levels even if you never give a single Gift. Social interactions are extremely important in Sunshine Islands. In fact, neglecting an Individual not only can cause him/her to reject a Gift when you next meet, but can cause a decrease in Heart Level. As you can see from the point value list, the results are random, occurring only 1/3 of the time, but it CAN occur.

Remember always that, although you can raise Friendship Levels through conversation alone, you need to give five Gifts that are received 'with music' to receive the 'personal' Sun Stone that any Character has to offer. Furthermore, the experience of players has shown that you cannot even trigger the 'Owner/Head of Household' Sun Stone Event until you have obtained that individual's 'personal' Sun Stone first.

In fact, it would be foolish not to give 5 preferred Gifts to every Character as soon as they begin to accept Gifts from you as their Sun Stones are needed to raise all the local Islands. I currently am revising my Sunshine Islands Walkthrough.

A player asked about the value of using the stylus to greet a Character rather than using the 'A' Button. Although using the stylus to greet a Character allows you to do so from a greater distance, I do not believe that there is any added point value in choosing this form of greeting.

Note here that on a Festival Day, you CAN meet and greet individuals who do not attend the Festival itself. Although icons will not be displayed on the Map on a Festival Day, Characters will be at their usual locations once the Festival ends and shops, including the Diner and Cafe, will be open for business.

I have come to the conclusion that Volcano Island is the first Island you should raise, both for earliest access to the Mine and for the number of new Characters that will be unlocked. Furthermore, it only requires 8 Sunstones where Mushroom Island and Mystic Islands each require 12. Although Animal Island requires only 10 Sun Stones, it offers no new Characters with potential gifts of Sun Stones. It is crucial to raise ALL the Islands. It is only the order in which you raise them that is discretionary. I would suggest that the next Island raised after Volcano Island should be Mushroom Island, simply because your Character will need the Mushrooms that can be found there, even though Mystic Islands offer more new Characters with potential Sun Stone Gifts than Mushroom Island. Mystic Islands should be raised next as it offers five new Characters with potential Sun Stone Gifts as well as being the home of the Harvest Goddess and the Church, both necessary in terms of any future plans to marry.

Link Island is necessary to any future plans to grow Rice, Fruit Trees or Crops out of season as it is only when you have raised Link Island that you will have the option to raise Rice Island, Fruit Island and Greenhouse Island. Rice needs to be planted in Spring in order to mature before Winter, when Crops automatically die. It is unlikely, however, that you will be able to meet all the requirements that would allow you to grow Rice in the first Spring, even if you raise Link Island and Rice Island and build the necessary bridges. I therefore would suggest that you raise Animal Island before you raise Link Island.


True_Dragon_Master said...

I was playing Sunshine Island today but my game froze while saving. I had to turn it off and when I turned it back on my save file had disappeared.
Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening again?

Freyashawk said...

Where was this game purchased? This is a common problem with bootleg cartridges. Did you buy this from a reputable shop?

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for posting this site, it has helped me immensley as a new player with the Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands game.