Monday, January 18, 2010

When the Snowman Comes in Animal Parade

Nothing in Harvest Moon or Rune Factory exists without a hint somewhere. Whether there is a book that gives details about an old legend or the dialogue of one or more characters, there is some information about every special Event somewhere in the game itself.

For those who wonder about the Snowman in Animal Parade, and when to expect him to knock on the door, it is Candace's dialogue on the day of a snowstorm that hints at the rules that govern his appearance:

Candace: When I was younger, I heard stories that a snowman comes on nights with big snowstorms.

She appears to be the only individual who mentions the existence of the Snowman on the day of a Blizzard.

When you go to bed on the night of a severe snowstorm, you will be awakened by a knock on the door, and you will find the Snowman there. He has lost his nose in the storm and asks if you have seen it. Finn will suggest that the description sounds remarkably similar to that of a Carrot. If and only if you have a Carrot of any rank in your Rucksack, you can give it to the Snowman immediately. He will express his gratitude, vowing to do anything to help you.

You then will find him outside your door the next morning and every morning thereafter during the Winter season. Each day, you can obtain one item from him.

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Anonymous said...

I've been silently reading your guides for nearly a year, but now I actually have a question to ask you :) I have initiated the Winter Fishing Event with Samson. But when I return to the inn to give him the Pacific Habilut I caught (the huge one from near the lighthouse), he accepts it as a one-heart gift. Is this because I caught the fish before initiating the event -- should I catch a second one? Or am I just not visiting the inn at the correct time? Thanks!