Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Name Suggestions, Any one?

Three males, one female. The sole female is in the front, at the left. Any name suggestions from any one? They all have nicknames but they have not been given their proper 'serious' names yet.


sickly farmer said...

I've always personally wanted to name a boy cat RuRu. No particular reason why, just that I think it would be a cute name for a boy cat.
Another name for a boy kitty thats white I've always thought would be cute is Mallow. I don't know if you are a fan of Mario RPG but Mallow is a white cloud orphan who helps Mario and thinks he is a tadpole.
My last suggestion would be for a girl kitty named Bean. I've personally named my little white kitty that. Well her real name is Ivory but when I got her as a present for my birthday I thought she looked like a little navy bean and the name just stuck. The only time she hears 'Ivory' now is when shes being bad, haha!

Hope these suggestions help!

Anonymous said...

Lucky, Opal, Jim, Ethan

True_Dragon_Master said...

Misty, Puff.

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, guys. I rather thought that Harvest Moon/Rune Factory players would have some interesting suggestions and you do.
Mallow actually is a lovely large flower that looks rather like Hibiscus and is the source of 'marshmallow'. For me, the name Bean now instantly calls Mr. Bean to mind.

That's an interesting assortment of names, Anon. For some reason, I never give my cats 'human' first names like Jim or Ethan unless they are extremely regal names like Anastasia.

Anonymous said...

Mini, Alex, Sandra and Pip. =D