Friday, January 15, 2010

Shortcuts and Instant Transport in Animal Parade

There are a number of ‘shortcuts’ that can be created in Animal Parade, through the completion of various quests. Apart from actual shortcuts, there are methods of transport that either allow you to travel to a new destination or reduce your travel time from one district to the other.

The first new path that is created is the repair of the bridge that allows you to travel to the Garmon Mines District. The second is the first use of the Animal Whistle that allows you to establish trust with the Wild Animals, granting you access to the Harvest Goddess Spring.

When your first Animal reaches 5 Hearts, you will be able to ride him/her. A Cow is rather slow, however. It is only when the Horn Ranch is upgraded to allow Hanna to sell Horses that you will have the potential to obtain a means of Transport in the form of an adult Horse with 5 Hearts that can cut your travel time in half.

Next, you can persuade Bo to repair the Mine Cart by feeding him repeatedly until he completes the task. This gives you a shortcut between the Garmon Mines District and the Church Grounds.

When you ring the Blue Bell, you will restore the Ferry Service between Harmonica Town and Toucan Island. When you purchase a return Boat Ticket for 400G from the Fishery, you will be able to travel instantly from Harmonica Town to Toucan Island and back again.

After you find all three Lost Circus Animals, Theodore will impart the Secret of the Animal Whistle which will allow you to travel instantly to your Farmland, Harmonica Town, Flute Fields or Fugue Forest from any location on the Map. What this means essentially is that you always will have a method by which you can return home instantly, even when you are in an area that is NOT an Animal Whistle destination. Furthermore, it gives you instant access to the swamp where the Hut of the Witch Princess is situated, allowing you to visit her without being forced to navigate the maze of Fugue Forest. An added bonus is the ability to discover what a 'piggyback ride' actually entails!

The final shortcut is created by the Harvest King himself when he grants you instant access via teleport from the Garmon Mine entrance to the Mountaintop. This shortcut is useful for a number of reasons, apart from allowing you to visit the Harvest King effortlessly. It gives you instant access to the Hot Spring at the Mountaintop as well as the 45th floor of the Upper Garmon Mine. Your chance of obtaining rare ores and gems improves when you mine in the last few floors of any mine, which means that starting at the 45th floor and working downward will give you more opportunity to find Gold Ore and Rare Ore.

As you can see, apart from the pure motivation of restoring the Goddess Tree, there are more selfish reasons to complete Quests in Animal Parade!

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Sean said...

I had no idea the harvest king was actually good for something (besides for a out of home spouse haha)

I have a question Freya. I recently got a power berry for maxing out the hearts on one of my farm animals. Then the next day I got married. After those two events, the next day I went into to pet my cows/sheep and feed them and milk them.

I wasn't able to directly feed them anymore, and when I went to go get milk from the cows, nothing happened.

Are they sick? Or is this normal?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work on the blog