Monday, January 4, 2010

Animal Parade Items and Shipping List Guide

When I first created the Items and Shipping List Guide for Animal Parade, I basically organised categories of items in a logical fashion, listing Crops by season and Fish and Cooked Dishes in alphabetical order. As any player familiar with Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games will be aware, this is NOT the way items usually are listed in the games themselves. In Animal Parade, the fact that Trophies are awarded for the completion of some of the Encyclopedia Lists gives an added incentive to players to complete each List Category.

I therefore have added new sections to the initial half of the Items and Shipping List Guides that provide the Encyclopedia Lists in the order in which they appear in your Bookshelf. In English, the lists are not alphabetical but when an item is missing, a player now can refer to the first part of the Guide to determine precisely which item is missing. He/she then can go to the second half of the Guide for details about the item. If the item is one that is found in the Mines, for example, it is in the second half of the Guide that players will find all the details as to how and where Ores and Gems are found or obtained. The first half simply gives the Mining List in the game order for the purpose of obtaining the Mining Trophy. Likewise, it is iin the second half of the Guide that you will find all Recipes in alphabetical order, giving ingredients, shipping values and Energy Recovery Values. In the first part of the Guide, you simply will find the completed Recipes Lists as they appear in your Bookshelf.

I have included information about Important Items that cannot be shipped but which are vital to the Plot at the very end of this Guide. Details about all the Maps sold by Barbara and those that are obtained in the course of the search for Capt. Bluecoat's Treasure are included, with information about the locations described in each as well as any rewards.

Animal Parade is a game with enormous scope. As there are limits on the size of a Guide that IGN will publish unzipped, I have had to remove the text of Events, especially with respect to Characters, from the Walkthrough and General Guide. You now will find these Events now either in the Courtship and Marriage Guide or the Characters Guide. All Guides remain 'works in progress'. I try to add Events and dialogues on a daily basis to the Characters and Courtship and Marriage Guides.

I now have added a section on Theodore to the Characters Guide. It is here now that you will find the text of all the Events that deal with the Lost Circus Animals and the Secret Power of the Animal Whistle.


Voda said...

Missing another Yam cake in Oven recipes (yep, there are two yam cakes - translation mistake in US version), it is a different recipe and it goes before mashed potato I think.

Freyashawk said...

Voda, you are right. I edited the second one out by accident... One is a proper cake and the other is a casserole but they both have the same name in the English version. The missing recipe is listed after Blackberry Pie. Original entry for the second one:

Yam Cake*: 832G
Ingredients: Yam, Egg, Milk, Butter
Energy Value: 400 SR
*This one is more of a casserole although it bears the same name.

That's the problem with having more than one guide as well. Having edited it out, when I copied and pasted the recipes to the Items List Guide, it was not included. Should be fixed in ALL guides on Monday.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

um where do you find strawberrys and milk?? I need to give it to Bo to fix the bridge.. :(