Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Wonderfuls and Wonderful Properties in Sunshine Islands

Well, the Colour of the Wonderful that appears at Chen's Market in Winter is determined by a match between one of the Farming Degree sub-category totals and the general Farming Degree Title points.

My latest experiment showed a Red Wonderful at Chen's Market at 6.00 a.m. one Winter morning. I needed to reload my game, as I was simply testing something and had not fed my animals... When I reloaded, I decided that I needed to use my Tools as usual, which would change the points in most categories, eliminating the specific set of circumstances that caused the Wonderful to appear.

When I went to bed finally in my 'permanent' game, I had, among other things, caught another Monkfish, skewing the point totals even further.

I usually have cooked to change point totals and have been able to obtain three Orange Wonderfuls by doing this and shipping a couple of fish if necessary. I therefore am fairly certain that the Orange Wonderful is linked either toto the Cooking and Fishing Titles.

Cooking one dish at a time, no Wonderful had appeared even after I had cooked 20 dishes.

I decided to try to manipulate the Fishing Total instead. I shipped one fish at a time until...

A Yellow Wonderful appeared at 6.00 a.m. at Chen's Market.

I therefore now believe:

Cooking = Orange Wonderful
Fishing = Yellow Wonderful

God only knows what match created the Red Wonderful. I do not have time to continue this research at this point in time. It took me three hours to produce the Yellow Wonderful at Chen's Market, so I will move on now to log more Events instead...

I have been trying to determine how to set the colour of the Wonderfuls that appear at Chen's Shop in the Winter season. Originally I thought that the Orange Wonderfuls were linked to the Cooking and Fishing Totals but each Wonderful has to be linked to a single category to match the Farming Degree Total.

It seems, after tiresome, endless testing that:

Mining Degree is linked to the Blue Wonderfuls
Farming Degree (use of Watering Can) is linked to the Green Wonderfuls
I still believe that the Orange is linked EITHER to Fishing OR Cooking

Another point. It appears that a Wonderful Piece is set to appear on 10 Winter at Chen's Shop. No matter how much I tried, I could not change that into a Wonderful.

Would love to have concrete results from other players where these matters are concerned. I had to stop testing due to lack of time.

Players need to remember that the use of the Teleport Stone will change the Farming Degree total. I did that by accident in my game, rushing over to feed my (forgotten) Pig using the Teleport Stone when I knew a Wonderful was set to appear the next morning with the totals I had achieved!

Meanwhile, I had to remind myself that NO Wonderful will have an effect if your Tool is not charged when you use it. This applies to the Brush as well. Placing Yellow Wonderfuls in the Brush will increase the Affection point value for each use but ONLY IF YOU CHARGE THE TOOL! I had been using the Brush daily and essentially wasting the Yellow Wonderfuls that were set in it, because I was not charging it each time. One automatically charges the Hoe, Hammer and Axe because the Yellow Wonderful/s increases the effect visibly, allowing you to till the Rice Paddy if you charge your Hoe, smash large Boulders if you charge the Hammer and chop stumps if you charge the Axe. Where the Ranch Tools are concerned, however, it is important to remind yourself to charge any Tools set with Wonderfuls. The effect in the case of an Orange Wonderful is visible when you obtain a greater yield, but that of a Yellow is more subtle, where Ranch Tools are concerned. Remember that the 2G that each Purple Wonderful gives will not accrue either if the Tool in which it is set is not charged...


Gillian said...

I'm not entirely sure this is correct, as I have obtained red, yellow and orange wonderfuls by using a tool (my hammer) multiple times before going to bed... this affects neither cooking nor fishing point values. I believe I read somewhere (although I have never confirmed this) that a wonderful would appear when the last two digits of any individual degree (e.g. fishing, farming, etc) matched your 'overall' degree points. This means that if you use your hammer you increase both your farming points total and also your 'overall' points total - thus providing the opportunity for it to match another degree category. If this is true it also means that you may need to use your hammer up to 100 times to unlock the correct colour wonderful (last two digits 00 - 99) which is a bit of a pain...

Freyashawk said...

Well, Gillian, all that can be stated categorically at this point is that the last two digits of two of the Farming Degree totals must match. At least, that was the official information I received from Natsume.

I do believe the Hammer gives you Mining Title Degree points and not specific Farming Title Degree points. It therefore would increase your MINING Title Point total and your overall Farm Degree total.

The rather complex system in Sunshine Islands was designed to prevent players from obtaining Wonderfuls easily by manipulating points. That is why it is the last two digits now instead of the system that existed in IoH, where all you had to do was make the last digit of your overall Farming Degree a 5.

In any case, I suppose all that players really need to know is that they CAN make a Wonderful appear at Chen's Shop every three days in Winter by manipulating point totals... if they are willing to put in the time and energy.

midna said...

Hi Freya, not sure if this is helpful, but I've just received my first ever Winter Wonderful from Chen's Shop! A Green Wonderful appeared in the shop on 29th Winter. The only activities I completed on the 28th were as follows:

- Tended to 3 x chickens (fed, picked up etc.)
- Tended to my horse and dog (fed, talked to etc. - I've yet to unlock the cat.)
- Greeted everyone on the islands, including giving the Harvest Goddess a gift of an egg (currently unlocked all characters apart from Mark and the Mineral Town posse.)
- Put a small fish in the feeding dish on Animal Island (I'd caught the fish a few days previously, however.)
- Used my Hammer on 8 stones to create Material Stone, and my Axe on 3 branches to create Lumber.
- Shipped one cooked dish (created by my husband during the Lunchtime event.)

I'm currently in Winter of Year 2, and have not really attempted to 'force' the appearance of Wonderfuls as the requirements seem so arduous! However, if you can use the info above to help in any way, please do!