Saturday, February 27, 2010

Harvest Sprite Teams, Enchantments and Wild Animal Gifts

Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands are similar in many respects and yet, every Harvest Moon game is unique. The large number of Subsidiary Characters who pursued various traditional activities in Island of Happiness do not exist in Sunshine Islands. Instead, different Harvest Sprite Teams, much like those found in HM DS and Cute DS live on Harvest Sprite Island and can be persuaded to 'help' your Character in specific circumstances.

In Sunshine Islands, Harvest Sprite 'help' is given through 'Enchantments'. You must speak to Coral, a Member of the officiating Red Team, to organise any Enchantment. You can order more than one Enchantment at any given time and 'hire' more than one Team. As the old Latin Legal Maxim succinctly declares, however, 'Qui sentit commodum debit et sentire onus', loosely translated as: 'Who knows a benefit must know its burden'.

The 'burden' or 'price' in this case is the necessity for the Harvest Sprites involved in any Enchantment to take a rather long rest afterwards. While any Harvest Sprite is resting, you will not be able to interact with him or her.

Yes, that is another new twist to Sunshine Islands: Some Harvest Sprites are male and others are female. (One wonders if there are secret Harvest Sprite romances on Harvest Sprite Island!)

Harvest Sprite gender, like Harvest Sprite dialogue, simply is one of those very intriguing but non-significant aspects of Sunshine Islands.

Those players who truly love Harvest Moon usually love the dialogues that can be discovered at new heart levels or seasons or in special circumstances.

For example, whenever you hire Seiran, a member of the Indigo Team, to increase Friendship Levels at Carol's Inn, you will be able to experience dialogue that is much like the Wizard's Fortunes in Animal Parade.

Seiran: Freya, Mark said you and he share the same dream!!
Seiran: Freya, Dr. Trent only thinks of you as some one he meets during his travels!!
Seiran: Freya, Carol only sees you as an old customer!!
Seiran: Freya, I think you understand Lily better than anybody!!

Note that these dialogues occur randomly, so you may be obliged to speak to Seiran many times before you experience all of them.

Every Sprite has his/her own unique dialogue. Whenever a new Sprite is brought to the Island, you will experience a special little Event entitled 'New Friend'. You will be advised that a new Sprite has arrived on the Island, but you will not be told his/her identity either by name or by team. You must search for the new Member or Members and speak to him/her to introduce yourself before that Sprite will be added to the Sprite list on your Friendship Page or be available for Enchantments.

Note that a Gift to one Member of a Team is a Gift to the entire Team and that Friendship Levels are raised (or lowered) collectively. The traditional Gift of Wheat Flour is a Favourite with all Harvest Sprites on every Team, but each Team has specific likes and dislikes. You will find all details about the Harvest Sprite Teams, their likes and dislikes and their dialogues, in my Sunshine Islands Characters Guide.

Enchantments are of different potency, determined by size. Whether you can order a 'Small', 'Medium' or 'Large Enchantment depends on the number of Members of the specific Team that are living on Harvest Sprite Island. With 1-3 Sprites, you cannot order anything larger than a 'Small Enchantment'. You can, however, split the Team, assigning 1 Member to one Enchantment and another to a different Enchantment. I suggest always that players keep one Member of any Team unemployed in order to be able to continue to interact with that Team while other Members 'rest'. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a position where you cannot raise Friendship Levels of that Team for up to 10 days as a 'resting' Sprite or Sprites will not be accessible to you. I certainly never have been able to enter the Hut where they rest...

Another new aspect of Sunshine Islands is the ability to 'hire' Wild Animals with three Hearts or more to forage for items for you. Each type of Wild Animal will find a different sort of item. The actual items that they bring back on any day will be chosen randomly but higher Friendship Levels give a better chance of obtaining rare or valuable items.

These items, incidentally, are 'loaded' into the game at 6.00 a.m. when you awaken and not when you speak to Cherry to obtain them. If, therefore, you would like a chance to obtain different items, you need to save your game at 5.50 a.m. or prior to that, visit Cherry immediately at 6.00 a.m. to see what the animals netted for you and, if you are dissatisfied, reload back to the previous day.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm simply not looking wisely, but I can't seem to find where in your guides you say how to unlock additional sprites. I'm somewhere in Fall of first year, and only have one of each color (except red).

Freyashawk said...

There are sections in the General Guide that deal with the Sprites. It is by befriending them and raising Friendship Levels that more will arrive. Visit them daily and try to give them gifts if possible. They actually multiply fairly quickly if you do this. Milk for Indigo, Pet Food for Orange and Green, Turnip or other Crop for Yellow, Copper or any Gem for Blue, Small Fish for Violet... These are easy Gifts that they love.

Freyashawk said...

Incidentally, the information is included in the General Guide in the section entitled 'Harvest Sprite Labour'. Here is an excerpt:

All of the Harvest Sprites unlocked by your actions will be found wandering aimlessly on Harvest Sprite Island. You can visit them daily to speak to them and give them gifts, but this can be very time-consuming. Nonetheless, it is only by raising the Friendship Level of the Harvest Sprite of a specific colour that you can persuade more Sprites of that colour to join the Team. A larger Team allows larger, more potent Enchantments.