Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Sunshine Islands Items and Shipping List Guide

I now have created a Sunshine Islands Items and Shipping List Guide. The link has been added to the Sunshine Islands Guides links section on the right side of the page but I will add it to this post as well:

Sunshine Islands Items and Shipping List Guide

The Shipping List sections are complete. What I have not added yet are the Fish List and Mushroom List. Most of the information in this 'mini-guide' or 'Quick Reference Guide' is included in my other Sunshine Islands Guides but I myself find it is convenient to have everything in a single 'mini-guide'.

Note that some items in Sunshine Islands will appear in more than one List in your Farm Menu. For example, you have a Recipes/Cookbook List AND a Cooked Dishes Shipping List. They essentially are two different versions of the same list. In my Shipping List Guide, I have included only the average Shipping Value and Energy Value for each Cooked Dish. For the actual Recipes with their required and optional ingredients and the method of obtaining each from one of the professional Chefs, please continue to refer to my Sunshine Islands Cookbook Recipes Guide. It is very comprehensive and includes some tips about Cooking.

The Fishing List section of the Shipping Guide and the Fish List are very different. The Fishing List includes all items that can be 'caught' with a Fishing Rod, but defines Fish only by size. You therefore have a very short list of items, with Fish (S), Fish (M) and Fish (L) as the sole Fish entries. The Fish List, on the other hand, includes the name of every Fish you have caught, with all locations where it can be found, the total number you have caught and the size of the largest fish for each entry. It is in the Fish List that you will find the King Fish.

There is no 'Mushroom' List per se in the Shipping List section of your Farm Menu. Mushrooms are listed in the 'Other Items' category and appear solely as 'Mushroom', 'Cluster Mushroom', 'Poisonous Mushroom' and 'Truffle'. It is in the Mushroom List that you will find the names of each variety you have found on Mushroom Island with a total for each.

In this Quick Reference Guide, I have included sections for items that cannot be shipped such as Tools, Accessories and Books.

Where Shipping Values of any item in Sunshine Islands are concerned, there is a problem in giving any precise values at all, unless you give the 'base' or lowest possible value for any item. In most cases, that is what I have done. The sole exception is the Cooked Dishes section, where the values were taken from my Recipe Cookbook Guide and represent the 'average' value of any Dish if Rank A or B. In all other sections of the Guide, the value basically represents the Shipping Value of the item at Rank D. I have included a multiplication table so that players can estimate the value of the same item if Rank S, A, B or C.

The real purpose of the Sunshine Islands Items and Shipping List Guide is twofold. It gives players some idea of the Shipping Values of every item in the game and it gives them completed lists in every Category so that they can discover which items they are missing in their own lists. I have added a Crops section to the Guide that gives detailed information about every Crop, including the manner by which it is unlocked. I intend to add similar details about other types of items as time permits. Again, let me stress that most of this information IS included in my other Sunshine Islands Guides, most often in the General Guide and Walkthrough.


College Term Papers said...
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sito-jaxa said...

The prices for the friendship pendants are wrong in this shipping guide as well as the walkthrough. It costs 5 for S, 15 for M and 30 for L.

Freyashawk said...

Isn't that what the Guide has? I'll have to look at it. So many lists... if it's wrong, it's a typo that I simply copied and pasted. Very little time to edit, so thanks for pointing out the typo.

sito-jaxa said...

It occurred to me later that it might be different between the first time you buy it and later times. I was anticipating the L pendant costing 60 the first time I bought it because of your (very helpful) guide and I don't remember being surprised by a discrepancy or anything. *shrug* But maybe it really was 30... Oh to be able to go back in time and check.

Freyashawk said...

No, unless you have an Enchantment in Chen's Market at the time to lower material requirements, the cost of the Large Friendship Pendant is 30 Orichalcum. Both my General Guide and my Shipping and Items Guide give that figure correctly now. I don't remember if I had to make any corrections of not at this point in time, but I do make the occasional typo, especially where numbers are concerned unfortunately. My guides can be 250 pages long, containing many lists and so on. I wish I were perfect, but I'm not and there's never enough time to edit.