Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day in Sunshine Islands

The Spring Harmony Day in Sunshine Islands is the Harvest Moon equivalent of St. Valentine's Day in Spring. It is a day on which boys give Gifts of Cookies or Chocolate Cookies to Girls they like. There is a reciprocal day for Girls to give Boys gifts in Winter.

If you are playing Sunshine Islands as a Girl, the Spring Harmony Day is the day when you will receive Gifts from Eligible Bachelors at Green Heart level or higher. In order to receive Gifts from Eligible Bachelors, you must re-enter your Farmhouse every hour. Visits follow a set order and if you miss the hour that is allocated to a specific Bachelor, you will not experience his visit. The first visit is by Elliot at 6.00 a.m. and the last visit is made by Mark at noon. You can enter your Farmhouse at any time during the hour that is allocated to the Bachelor to experience the Event.

It appears that the precise nature of the Gift does depend on specific Heart Level as it does in some other Harvest Moon games. In some previous games, Chocolate was the Gift you would receive at the lower Heart Levels and Cookies would be given only at the highest Heart Levels. Here it appears that Cookies are given at Green Heart Level and at anything above that, you will obtain Chocolate Cookies. I would not have known this if Mark had not lagged behind the other bachelors. I received 6 Chocolate Cookies from all Bachelors who preceded Mark. When Mark arrived, he gave me Cookies.


True_Dragon_Master said...

Happy Valentines day Freya!

Freyashawk said...

Thank you very much, True Dragon Master! Although I love to experience the Spring Harmony Day or Spring Thanksgiving Day visits in Harvest Moon, there is nothing quite like a Valentine's Day wish from a REAL person!

I really am too sentimental to be a guide writer, though. I dragged my feet in my current Sunshine Islands game in order to be able to experience the Spring Harmony Day ON the real St. Valentine's Day!