Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fishing for Pirate Treasure and other Rare Items in Sunshine Islands

Veteran players of Harvest Moon will be aware of the rare seasonal bounty of the Sea in the form of Pirate Treasure and Fish Fossils. Another rare item, albeit one that has an insignificant Shipping Value is the Bottle, caught only in Spring. In any Harvest Moon game, the Bottle is a mysterious item that serves unique purposes in each game. In Sunshine Islands, it can be carried in your Rucksack to increase your Fishing Level Points according to a calculation using the current year in the game. (The Lithograph serves a similar purpose for your Mining Degree Level.)

Pirate Treasure is caught only in Summer from Sprout or Verdure Island. The Fish Fossil is caught only in Autumn from Meadow Island. The Bottle, caught only in Spring, is found only when fishing from Mystic Islands.

As with Mining, your chances of obtaining better items increase with the increase in your Skill Level. If your Fishing Skills are low, you will have virtually no chance of catching a King Fish or a rare item. To maximise your chance of obtaining ANY rare item from the Sea, order an Enchantment from Coral.

The Purple Team is in charge of Fishing Skill Enchantments. The location where they work depends on your Character's Gender. If your Character is a Boy, the Enchantment will occur at Denny's Shack. If your Character is a Girl, the Enchantment will occur at Lanna's House. Apparently, it is your 'Friend', also your Rival if you are courting the same individual, who helps you raise your Level temporarily during the course of the Enchantment.

Remember that any Enchantment is followed by a period of Rest for the Sprites. As I have advised in my Guides, it is best ALWAYS to keep at least one Sprite on any Team unemployed so that you can continue to give Gifts to the Team during any Rest period.

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