Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tribute to Harvest Moon for Valentine's Day

I made a tribute for Valentine's Day from Harvest Moon Festivals, but YouTube disabled the audio track, even though three quarters of it was Harvest Moon music! Never mind. I am too tired to deal with it now:

Viewers will find all the Spring Thanksgiving Events for the bachelors in Sunshine Islands, some Winter Thanksgiving responses from said bachelors, Spring and Winter Thanksgiving screenshots from HM Cute DS, some Winter Thanksgiving visits from Eligible Girls in HM Boy & Girl, as well as Thanksgiving Day screenshots from ToT and Harmony Day screenshots from Animal Parade... You know, despite all of the work that was involved in finding my screenshots for these Events, it gave me a little thrill to relive some of these Harvest Moon moments in my memory.

Later: YouTube muted the sound, then offered something called 'Media Swap' where you have to choose from a list of audio tracks, none of which presumably are owned by Sony (the people who demanded that MY audio track be muted)... I chose the Pastoral Symphony as a replacement BUT then discovered that the price of accepting ANY audio track from YouTube is that they then can load random adverts onto your video page... I shan't be doing THAT again. In any case, I hope players will enjoy this little journey down memory lane... My heart still beats faster when I see the screenshots of Skye, although sadly, very sadly, I lost my copy of HM Cute DS, which means that I may never have the chance to interact with one of my favourite bachelors of all time again. It breaks my heart, frankly. I searched in vain for weeks for my Cute cartridge...

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