Monday, July 13, 2009

Wizards, Fairies, Demons and Spirits in Rune Factory 2

This is a visual Bestiary Guide for Rune Factory 2 consisting of all Wizards/Mages, Fairies, Demons, Spirits and Elementals in the 2nd Generation, giving their locations, Base HP and the items they leave behind as War Trophies when defeated.

Having made this video, however, I now have received some feedback to my original question to players of how they would prefer to see the visual Bestiary organised. It appears that the majority would like to see videos that show Monsters by dungeon rather than type.

One other possibility would be an Items List tutorial, showing each War Trophy, then giving the locations of the Monsters who yield it.

When I will have the time to complete any of these projects, I am not certain, but I have been making little film clips of all the Monsters and I can take it from there as time permits.

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