Friday, July 3, 2009

Obtaining White Rose Seeds in Rune Factory Frontier

This post is prompted by a gamer's plight. Her character accidentally cut down his White Roses with a sickle, leading the player to fear an eternal state of celibacy without the capacity to create the Blue Rose that is a vital ingredient in teh Wedding Bouquet, Rune Factory Frontier's equivalent of the traditional Blue Feather in Harvest Moon.

Oddly enough, I had thought of making a video about this after Ganesha gave me ANOTHER White Rose about a season after she gave me the first one. Each season now, I experience the little dialogue with Ganesha wherein she informs me once again that having used a Rose as a model for a sketch for a customer's order, she no longer requires it and wishes to give it to me. It is interesting that Rune Factory Frontier allows your character to obtain unique items such as the Tide Cluster and the White Rose again and again, giving you the option to make errors such as the player who destroyed her crop of Roses or to create Wedding Bouquets as a cottage industry to ship regularly. Obviously, once you have harvested a crop of White or Blue Roses, you should have the means by which to create your own regular supply of seeds but in a case such as the one the player described, it is nice to know that Ganesha will continue to supply you with the occasional White Rose.

In any event, there is hope for the player who lost her original White Rose. In fact, she discovered that it was by asking an Eligible Girl on a Date that the Event was triggered again and she received another White Rose.

This detail will be added to my Guides and I will give Claire credit for the information.


Claire said...

Hi mine has 10 FP with Ganesha too. But I have tried speaking to her many times for more than 10 days,and she has not given me any yet. :( Is there any other criteria that must be met before she will do so?

Anyhow, thanks for your help. You are truly a saviour to all harvest moon players. :)

Freyashawk said...

Claire, it was more than 10 days definitely before I ever experienced the Event again... more like a season or even longer. I'll look through my game journal to see if I wrote down the actual date. It may have been 2 seasons or more after I made my first Wedding Bouquet. Since then, however, I have experienced the Event twice more and that was about once per season.

I will think about this, and see if another trigger makes sense...

Do you still give Ganesha ores from time to time, by the way?

Claire said...

Hey, freya, i finally got my white rose! What happened is right after I completed my date with Rosetta, I asked Melody out on a date. Then I went to see Ganesha immediately. And voila! She gave me the rose! I am sooooo happy!

To answer your question, yes.. I have given everything that makes her happy, from ores to demon blood. And nothing happens even I continued doing these after she has reached 10 FP. So I suppose the trigger is the date invitation. :)

Freyashawk said...

You could be right, Claire. I'll test it by making a Date to see if I get another Rose immediately afterwards.

It would make sense. After all, Rita always congratulates you and gives you a gift after you make a Date with a Girl.

Haruko said...

how do you make the rose blue?

Freyashawk said...

Haruko, all you have to do is leave it in the ground after it blooms for a couple of days and it will turn blue naturally. Blue Roses are worth more than White ones when shipped as well so it is a good idea to allow all of them to turn Blue. When placed in the Seedmaker, however, any Rose, whether White or Blue will create White Rose Seeds.