Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goals in Rune Factory 2

Some players like surprises but others prefer to plan for the future, especially in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. A player who is in the 1st Generation of Rune Factory wishes to know what lies beyond farming and taming monsters.

Rune Factory 2 really is two games in one. I actually have written about this in the past as well. The 1st Generation sets up the 2nd, and in the 2nd Generation, your character will have the opportunity finally to forge, create accessories, make medications and farm aids and cook. Although the entrances to the four seasonal dungeons are open for exploration in the 1st Generation, it is only in the 2nd that the player will be able to explore all areas fully. Only a few Monsters are available in the 1st Generation.

You can catch a surprising number of rare fish in the 1st Generation actually. All stored items are inherited in the 2nd Generation. As with Crops, you can set aside a few rare fish for the future.

What the 1st Generation offers primarily is an opportunity for courtship and marriage. In the 2nd Generation, your character is a child and although he or she will be able to make friends and engage in pretend courtship rituals, there is no marriage at the end of the road. It is in the 1st Generation that your character is an adult and capable therefore of creating a family.

In terms of other goals for the 1st Generation, it is vital that you increase your character's skills and general level of Experience as well as collecting lumber and money for your 'heir'. Your child will inherit your Skills and experience level. There are many new activities to explore in the 2nd Generation and the Monsters that you encounter will be far more powerful than those in the 1st Generation. If you do not increase your general level as well as your Skills, you will not be prepared properly to enter the world of the 2nd Generation.

You will be able to buy a Seed Maker in the 2nd Generation. Any Crops that you harvest and store in the 1st Generation can be made into Seeds in the 2nd. All other traditional Makers will be available in the 2nd Generation as well.

Enjoy the Events in the 1st Generation. You really need to accept and complete every Request and the appearance of new Requests are based on Heart/Friendship Levels. At the same time, increase your skills in combat, farming, fishing, mining and magic.

Increasing your Magic Skills in the 1st Generation with the single Spell that you have is vital to your quick success in the 2nd. Healing Spells as well as many more offensive spells will be available in the 2nd Generation. Better weapons can be forged in the 2nd Generation but you need a good level of skill in combat to use them.

Impatience works to the detriment of a player in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. You need to involve yourself in the daily rhythm of farming and interact with your community.


Anonymous said...

My name is Anon,

The recipe that is missing is the "Amethyst Ring".

The following was told by my friend Baby: "if you press Select when a recipe is being "made" the name of the object being done is displayed." I finished playing RF2 (now playing IoH) so I do not know if this is accurate.

All the best!

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Anon. Unfortunately, I finally had to send back my 2nd Gen. RF2 game and only have 1st Generation now, so I can't confirm this either at this point in time.

And mea culpa, mea culpa, some one did point out that the Amethyst Ring recipe was missing, but at the time, I was overloaded with tasks and didn't add it into the guide. Is the Recipe simply Amethyst and Gold x 2? What is the Skill Level Requirement? I assume it would be lower or near that of the Aquamarine Ring at Skill Level 25, (I would guess it would be 20) but I need precise details for the guide. If only you had reminded me on Friday before I sent back the game!!! Thank you anyway... as neither you nor I have a 2nd Gen game at this point, perhaps another player can confirm the recipe and skill Level requirement for the Amethyst Ring?
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Actually, to respondo to Anon observation about the select button,it is not "see the name of the Object Being Made" but "pull out a window that allows you to see the details of the ingredient your cursor is pointing at, while making an object."