Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Personal Note about Bianca in Rune Factory Frontier

One of the most appealing aspects of any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game must be the dialogues, whether vital to progress or completely incidental, whether they are sly references to other games or 'red herrings' designed to make the player believe he/she is about to uncover a secret...

When a player made a comment about one of my Rune Factory videos on YouTube to the effect that he/she did not care for the game because it had 'too much dialogue', I was tempted to respond that any player who does not appreciate the dialogue in Harvest Moon or Rune Factory possesses the wrong frame of mind for ANY game in the series.

When my character spoke to Bianca and she mentioned a patterned sword she had purchased, my heart quickened momentarily. She then crushed my incipient hopes but her final statement was so much like my own experience in life that I had to share it here.

Here is the dialogue:

Bianca: I found a decorated sword the other day.
Freyr: I didn’t know you collected swords, Bianca.
Bianca: I don’t collect swords. I just bought it on a whim. But I can’t remember where I put that sword. I haven’t seen it since I had it sent home.

There are few correspondences in reality between my life and Bianca's life. I do not live in a mansion, nor can I afford expensive items 'on a whim' and I actually DO collect swords... We do have one thing in common, however: 'I can't remember where I put that sword. I haven't seen it since i had it sent home.'

I laughed when I experienced that final bit of dialogue. It sums up my domestic life, although my motivations and Bianca's lack of motivation are worlds apart. I tend to put my most valuable or prized possessions 'somewhere safe' which inevitably means 'someplace hidden'. I then forget where that safe location was. As some one who is too clever for her own good, I sometimes NEVER find the prized possession until many moons have passed and the reason for the search no longer is valid.

Ah well... perhaps that patterned sword Bianca purchased will be found and given to my character in Rune Factory Frontier. What do you think? After all, Ganesha gave me a beautiful blade in the form of Tyrfing.

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