Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gift-Giving in Island of Happiness

I know I have addressed this point in the past and the information IS included in my guides for Island of Happiness. Even so, most of the emails I receive with respect to the game ask the following question:

How can I get the Fishing Rod from Taro when he refuses my gift?

In Island of Happiness, you must speak to every individual DAILY or risk the refusal of any gift you offer. If you have neglected a character, he/she no longer will accept any gift from you. This is true of all the characters.

The solution is to continue speaking to the individual daily and to persevere in offering your gift. The number of days the character will refuse any gift is based on the length of time that he/she was ignored but there is a limit. The maximum number of days, I believe, is six. After six days, the individual WILL accept a gift again if you spoke to him/her daily.

This is a very interesting aspect of Island of Happiness and one that makes it more challenging.

The answer to the question ultimately is:

Speak to Taro DAILY and continue to offer him the gift. He will accept it before a full week has passed.

In every Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game, the secret to success in personal relationships really is regular contact. You neglect characters at your peril. In other games, there is no penalty for ignoring a character for awhile, but in Island of Happiness, there is.

The lesson here is to speak to every one regularly even if you cannot afford a gift.


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