Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Secrets of Brodik and Kross Revealed

Both Kross and Brodik are extremely colourful characters. I tried to delay Brodik's departure from Trampoli because I found his dialogues so entertaining but in the end, I had to let him go.

Here is Part I of Confrontations with Brodik:

Even cutting out most of the actual combat, the video threatened to exceed YouTube limits. Part II therefore will show the actual little Secrets that are revealed after the Confrontations.

Here is Part II:


Anonymous said...

wut kind of wolf is that

Anonymous said...

wat kind of sord is that????????

Freyashawk said...

The Wolf is my Silver Wolf. Although I tamed a Hunter Wolf, my Silver Wolf was at such high levels that he outmatched the stronger Hunter Wolf. Furthermore, I am sentimental by nature and we made a good team for a long time... As you can see, he is more than adequate for any confrontation. The sword I tend to use always is the Smash Blade. The Rune Blade is probably the most powerful and Dragonslayer can cause Fatigue in the enemy, but I like the Smash Blade because it protects against status ailments. In this situation, I could beat Brodik with almost anything because I waited a long time before I let him disappear and issue the Challenge... only because I liked him!