Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video Tutorial about Mining in HoLV

Not as artistic as I would have liked perhaps, but I am having trouble with my laptop again.

In any case, it provides useful visual information about the Rock Configurations in the first three Chambers of the Mine as well as information about the Underground Lake.

Although this video really was created to show the Rock Configurations in the first three Chambers, a brief explanation of Mining may be in order.

First of all, you need to unlock Mining in general by working Part-Time for Rudolph five times before you will be able to unlock Mining for yourself. In order to experience some of the Story Quest Events that are linked to the Mine, you must satisfy requirements in terms of the total number of items that you have obtained from the Mine. Mineral Crystals do not count where these totals are concerned, as you can 'create' them yourself using the Transformer 1 Machine. In order to experience all possible Events in the Story Quests linked to the Mine, you need to have obtained at least 30 items from the Mine. This is a fairly low requirement, as are any of the Requirements in HoLV. It actually represents the bare minimum any player should be able to obtain if he/she visits the Mine a few times.

A new Chamber should be unlocked at the beginning of any new Season, BUT it is possible that there are minimum requirements that must be met here as well. Obviously, if you did not unlock mining yet, the Chambers will remain barred with fallen masonry. There may be some requirements in terms of the total number of items that players have obtained previously in the Mine as well. These totals would be fairly minimal, but Mineral Crystals would not be included in the count. The reason why Mineral Crystals are not counted is because you can create them yourself by placing Grass in the Transformer 1 Machine in the same manner in which you can create Special Fish Bait by placing Lumber in the Transformer 2 Machine.

If you have unlocked no new Chambers in the Mine NOR the Underground Lake, then I would assume it is a mining requirement rather than an additional fishing requirement.

In my game and those of players who were able to access the Underground Lake as soon as Ponta spoke of it, we had been mining on a regular basis since the start of the game, gaining access to the Mine as early as we could in Spring by working 5 times for Rudolph. We had been selling items from the Mine regularly to local merchants and had given gifts to Rudolph to raise his FP. We experienced two of his Friendship Events before Autumn... Rudolph's total FP is the only other variable that comes to mind.

Incidentally, the only Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games that I cover are the genuine authentic versions published by Natsume and XSeed. True fans of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory will obtain the genuine article, even if it involves some personal sacrifice, in the interest of helping to support the people who make these games available to us. If you are using bootlegs or illegal downloads, then you are NOT supporting the creators of these fabulous games. Illegal downloads and bootlegs tend to have all sorts of 'bugs' and problems, from an inability to save your game properly to corrupted data or options that do not work.


monkeyuki said...

i've already give ponta the 21st fish for the fish print, and he already said that the underground lake has been unlocked. but i can't go further on the tunnels inside the Mine, it's blocked by the rocks..
please help me.. thanks..

Freyashawk said...

Take the tunnel on the right to reach the Underground Lake. If the Tunnel on the left remains blocked, then you probably are still in the 1st Spring Season. At the start of each new Season, a new Chamber will be unlocked automatically.

monkeyuki said...

i've been told that underground lake has been unlocked at the early winter, now i've played until 16th winter and still nothing happen.. should i wait till the next season?
or maybe there's something wrong with my hmholv game.. i think i downloaded the incomplete version..

anyway, thank you for your advice..

Freyashawk said...

Downloaded from what source? If it's not official Natsume product, then there usually are problems.

I do believe, however, that there is another requirement, which I neglected to mention because I assumed every one who wished to explore the Mines would have DONE this automatically. Did you work part-time for Rudolph 5 times in order to UNLOCK mining?

Juliano said...

Same problem as everyone above, I'm on late autumn and still no underground lake for me! Ponta already revealed the spot, but the entrance is still covered in rocks.
it doesn't seem like a download corruption. Well let's see!
it would be nice if any of those above would post a solution (if they found any).
and yes, I already talked to rudolph and worked for him 5 times :)

Freyashawk said...

I do believe there may be an additional requirement in terms of the number of items you have obtained (and possibly sold) from the Mine. How many items have you guys sold to local merchants?

The players who unlocked a new chamber in Summer and Autumn and two new Chambers in Winter as I did, had been mining regularly and selling quite a few items from the Mine.

Freyashawk said...

You see, if you wish to experience Rudolph's Events in the Mine, you must have been mining and have obtained a specific number of items. Mineral Crystals never count, by the way, as you can create them yourself from Grass using the Transformer 1 Machine.

I cannot imagine any other reason why the players who have been mining regularly (as I did)unlocked 4 additional Chambers by 1 Winter and other players failed to unlock any new Chambers.

In my game and those of other players who unlocked the Underground Lake as soon as Ponta spoke of it, we had unlocked 1 New Chamber by 1 Summer and the 2nd by 1 Autumn. What I do not know is what the precise link between Mining and the Underground Lake may be... so do let me know what it takes for any of you to unlock it and how many Chambers in the Mine are unlocked at the same time.

Juliano said...

First of all, thanks a lot for your attention Freya, you are most kind! But I figured out what's really going on.. the thing is, all players who are experiencing that, are using pirated versions containing some bugs, and the main one is the mine unlock thing. There have been better developed versions lately, but the issue is the pirated copy.

Freyashawk said...

Juliano, please clarify: In other words, I and the other players who found the chambers unlocked automatically at the start of each new season were correct in assuming it should be 'automatic' and not based on the same rules as some of the Mining Events in the Main Story which are predicated partly on Rudolph's FP and the number of items you have obtained from the mine?

Juliano said...

I cannot confirm that, my pirate copy just won't unlock neither the mines nor the underground lake. This issue was also verified on other players who were running pirate copies. Recently, many players are claiming a fixed version was released, since I got one in hands, I'll check that and post an answer soon as summer 1st arrives.

Freyashawk said...

Juliano, I'd like to thank you for your frank and honest disclosure. Although I urge players to purchase a genuine version of any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game, not only because bootlegs have issues but also because the companies that make these games desperately NEED the money generated by your purchases, I am grateful that you have made it clear that the issue is NOT with any failure to meet a mining requirement. Natsume is NOT EA Games. It is a fairly small company dedicated to the creation of superior games that have a devoted fan base... Please try to support them whenever possible by not resorting to 'free' or cheap bootlegs and downloads. I have a very limited income myself so understand it is a sacrifice to pay for a game, but even so...