Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New HoLV Cookbook Recipes Guide

I have created a new Hero of Leaf Valley Cookbook Recipes Guide. As of now, all Pot and Frying Pan Recipes have been included with about half of the Oven Recipes and a few Mixer Recipes. I hope to complete ALL entries tomorrow.

You will find the link to the Guide on the right side of this page.

If you work Part-Time in the Kitchen of Clove Villa, you may find a pattern in the assignments you are given. If other players have had different experiences, I would like to hear about them, but in my own experience, the assignments appear to be dictated partly by the time of day when you accept the Job.

If you go fairly early in the day, you are more likely to obtain the assignment to make 5 Blocks of Cheese. Later, there are assignments for Sandwiches and Fish Meal.
Medium Milk 'leftover' from the assignment is one of the more valuable 'leftovers'. From the Fish Meal assignment, however, you may receive Mushrooms, which can be given to the Sprites who love them.

Martha will not give you the Recipe for the Dish beforehand but when you make it successfully for the first time in her kitchen, your Recipe Book will be updated to include it.

One of the reasons I created the Cookbook Recipes Guide as quickly as possible was to help players with the Part-Time Kitchen work.

Tip: Whenever you have options to use more than one item as an ingredient during an Assignment, always use the least valuable or most common item and try to save the most expensive or rare items for your 'leftovers' if possible.

Leftovers may be random. I have performed the Cheese Assignment a few times and each time obtained a different amount of Medium Milk afterwards.

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