Monday, May 3, 2010

Collecting Items from the Mine and Forest in HoLV

A player asked how he might be able to collect Lumber in HoLV. The same question could apply to the items from the Mine.

Basically, when you start the game, you need to apply to Woody for a Part-Time Job in the Forest and to Rudolph for a Part-Time Job in the Dig Site/Mine. When you perform these 'Tutorials', which is what they are in effect, you move one step closer to 'unlocking' the Forest and the Mine. Whenever you perform the Part-Time Jobs, you will be given a 'bonus'. In the case of the Forest, you will be allowed to keep any Mushrooms or Truffles you find. In the case of the Mine, you are allowed to take home only the Mineral Crystals.

How, then, does one obtain the right to keep ALL the items from the Mine and to begin to collect Lumber for building projects?

Simply by contining to apply for the Part-Time Work offered in these locations... After you have done this a few times, proving in effect that you know what you are doing and will not be irresponsible or place yourself or the Valley in danger, you will be given carte blanche to operate...

That is how you unlock the initial right to chop Lumber and mine for Ores and Gems. Note that there are new areas that can be unlocked later...

Bear in mind the amount of Energy that is used whenever you swing your Axe to chop down a Tree... I have listed good Energy Recovery Items in another post.

AP Medicine is the best, restoring ALL your Energy, but it costs 1000G. The items I listed are less expensive.

By the way, those players who have played Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town probably will recall the Medals that could be won at the Horse Races. In fact, those Medals could change your entire life if you collected sufficient numbers of them...

In Hero of Leaf Valley, you can win Medals at the Races as well and can purchase LUMBER with those Medals. So take heart... there are other ways to obtain Lumber apart from swinging an Axe.

As far as Mushrooms are concerned, there are a number of uses for these and other ways to obtain them apart from foraging in the Forest.

Mushrooms are a favourite Gift for the Harvest Sprites and they may give you Fish Bait in return. Make certain that you do not give them Truffles, however. They utterly detest them, strangely enough.

If you wish to grow Mushrooms, you must follow the procedure used in HM DS/Cute DS by placing Lumber in a damp area. In HoLV, you needn't build a special Mushroom Shed. The plank is behind the Storeroom, one of the buildings on your farm. You needn't plant seeds either. Simply water the Lumber until Mushrooms appear and continue to water them regularly. Only one Mushroom can be harvested from any piece of Lumber. You then must place another piece of Lumber on the plank.

Incidentally, once you have adopted and trained your Dog to 'Search' for items using the Ocarina, you first will be able to find 4 Power Berries and then will be able to find Mushrooms and Pontata Root on a daily basis if you take him out with you. Although it is possible for him to find other items before he finds the Power Berries, the odds are stacked in favour of the Power Berries as they are far more vital to your welfare. Each Power Berry increases your Total Stamina.

Pontata Root is the most effective Fatigue Resistance item in HoLV, so when you reach a Season where Red Herbs and Green Herbs no longer are plentiful, take your Dog out to find Pontata Roots.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure of the best place to post this, but I thought I'd leave a comment regarding Hero of Leaf Valley that I found to be extremely helpful in terms of making some quick money.
In the Spring, Ronald sells cheese at his supermarket for 500G. The cafe, upon reopening for the night, has cheese listed as a "wanted item", and can be sold for 550G. While there is only 50G profit, the total can add up pretty quickly if you can afford to put off other purchases for awhile.
I'm still in the Summer of year one, so I'm not sure if there are any other instances similar to this, but I managed to make about 30,000G in the first season.
Hope this helps!
-Kai Stevenson

Phi said...

Hallo Freya!

I just want to say thank you so much for writing such detailed guides on this fabulous series. (:

Oh, and congratulations on becoming a Moderator on the boards.

Anonymous said...

You may want to note down how often can you collect lumber. Woody would not take me there until a few days later, citing that it would endanger the balance of nature, etc.