Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Save the Land in Hero of Leaf Valley


Evidently, players are confused as to the different methods by which the land can be saved from development in 'Hero of Leaf Valley'.

As I have written in other posts, there are 16 different Story Quests that can be followed but these fall into three main categories.

The first category is the Main Story: Shoot for the Stars! The Greatest Farm in the World!

Many of the Events in this Story will be experienced automatically because they deal directly with the Funpark Corporation and the plan to develop the Land as a Funpark.
Alice, the CEO of the Company, will tell you that you can buy the land outright from the Corporation for 50,000G. Having the funds will not be sufficient to complete this Quest, however. You must defeat a number of Robot enemies created and let lose upon the land by the company...

There are two other ways to save the land from development, however, if you cannot manage the first or prefer one of the alternatives. As an alternative, you can transform the land into a Nature Preserve or into a Tourist destination.

Each one of the other Story Quests apart from the first is PART of one of the other two endings. You must complete THREE of the Nature Preserve Story Quests if you wish to save the land by cfreating a Nature Preserve. Or, you must complete THREE of the Tourist Destination Story Quests if you wish to transform the land into a desirable Tourist Attraction.

Players are confused by the Events that must be completed in this context. Each Story Quest has its own sequence of Events. Some Events in each Sequence are optional, which may be adding to the confusion. Others are mandatory. You must experience ALL THE MANDATORY EVENTS IN THREE OF THE STORY QUESTS either in the Nature Preserve category or in the Tourist Destination Category in order to save the land and be allowed to move forward to the third year.

If you choose one of the alternate methods, it is not a matter of experiencing a total number of Events from more than one Story Quest. It is a matter of completing three of the Stories successfully.

In other words, your options are to save the land by successfully completing:
Shoot for the Stars: The Greatest Farm in the World!

Or by completing THREE of the following Stories:

Tale of the Golden Potato Seed (Nature Preserve)
Tale of the Blue Mist and the Azure Swallowtails (Nature Preserve)
Tale of the Silver Fish (Nature Preserve)
Tale of the Blue Bird (Nature Preserve)
Tale of the Endangered Weasel (Nature Preserve)
The Hundred-Year-Old Cherry Tree (Nature Preserve)
The Secret Fossil (Nature Preserve)

Or by completing THREE of the following Stories:

Tale of the Harvest Goddess Dress (Tourist Destination)
Tale of the Cake Contest (Tourist Destination)
Tale of the Horse Race Champion (Tourist Destination)
The Harvest Goddess Temple (Tourist Destination)
Rebirth of the True Harvest Festival! (Tourist Destination)
The Holy Masterpiece (Tourist Destination)
The Legendary Baker (Tourist Destination)
Louis, the Inventor King (Tourist Destination)

You can complete Story Quests in another category if you wish but you cannot save the land by completing three Story Quests from DIFFERENT categories. In other words, completing 'The Holy Masterpiece' Quest, the 'Secret Fossil' Quest and 'The Tale of the Silver Fish' will NOT save Leaf Valley. You either have to complete two more Tourist Destination Quests or one more Nature Preserve Quest.

The screenshots are from three optional Events that begin three different Story Quests. The 'Tale of the Harvest Goddess Dress', 'Louis the Inventor King' and the 'Tale of the Endangered Weasel'.

Note that my 1st Year Events Calendar Guide, part of which is posted on this site, allows a player to co-ordinate his/her movements in order to begin as many of the Story Events as possible, giving his/her Character the option to choose the Quests he wishes to complete.

Tunnel vision always is a danger in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. This is why my Calendar Events Guide is formatted according to date rather than Story.


ShiroZero said...

I just started this game and wondered how and where can you collect lumbers. I could not find it anywhere, and Woody did not sell lumbers.
Is it possible to have your house upgrade in the first year?

Freyashawk said...

I have written a post on this now for you. You need to chop your own wood in the Forest. Work part-time for Woody until you unlock the option.

ATEUS said...

uhm what happens if u fail to do all of the stories and not earn 50k?