Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mining Configurations, Before and After

There are two possible configurations for any Chamber in the Mine in HoLV. I made a video about this, but decided to post stills on this site, as even I sometimes forget the configurations and am lazy about it. WIth it here on my site, I can refer to it immediately.

I now have created a separate site for these Puzzles at:

.HoLV Mining Puzzles

I have used Roman Numerals for each Chamber and each Configuration. Thus, the first Chamber would be Chamber I. The first Configuration would be Chamber I.I. and the second would be Chamber I.II.

Incidentally, if you push any Yellow Rock too far and have no way to fix it, simply leave the Chamber and return. All Rocks will be reset to their original position.

The video I made on YouTube some time ago is more sophisticated, but this post at least will give players a quick reference point to the ten possible Configurations in the first five Chambers of the Mine.

My Character, as small as a flea in the screenshots, is standing in each 'after' screenshot at the Rock that needs to be smashed with the Hammer.

Remember always that only the Yellow Rocks can be moved but that they cannot be hit directly with a Hammer. The only way to smash a Yellow Rock is with an explosion wave from a Rock of any other colour.

You can smash the Rocks manually one by one, apart from the Yellow Rocks, but it will cost you dearly in energy and you will lose the items that are inside any Yellow Rocks in the Chamber.

To move any Yellow Rock, stand as close to it as possible until you see the prompt to 'Grab' with the O Button. Use the O Button to 'Grab' it. You then can move to any side of the Rock without letting go of it. Once your Character is positioned to push the Rock in the right direction, use the X Button to 'Push'. When the Yellow Rock has been placed properly, find the Rock that you wish to smash and, with Hammer equipped, use the Square Button to smash it. If the Explosion Wave destroys every Rock in the Chamber, you will hear a fanfare and see a prompt: Well done!

Chamber I.I before and after:

Chamber I.II, before and after.

Chamber II.I before and after.

Chamber II.II before and after.

Chamber III.I before and after.

Chamber III.II before and after.

On 1 Winter in the first Year, the second set of tunnels north of Chamber 3 should be cleared of rubble. You will be able to enter one new Chamber to the left and another new Chamber to the right. The tunnel to the left leads to this Chamber:

Chamber IV.I before and after.

Chamber IV.II before and after.

Take the tunnel to the right to find the fifth Chamber.

Chamber V.I before and after.

Chamber V.II before and after.

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