Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Upgrading Items in Rune Factory Frontier


A question was asked as to how items can be upgraded in Rune Factory Frontier. Items that are made in your Kitchen or Laboratory as well as those created in your Forge or at your Workbench all can be upgraded to Level 10. You always need to be aware of the primary rule of upgrades in this game: the actual level of the upgraded item AT BEST can be only 1 Level above the level of the LOWEST LEVEL of ingredient used. The result will be 1 Level above the level of the lowest level of ingredient ONLY if you manage to create the item 'perfectly' or 'with expertise'. Otherwise, the Level of the Upgraded Item will EQUAL that of the lowest level of ingredient.

All tools can be upgraded using nothing more than two pieces of Scrap Iron. The ordinary rules of RFF still apply, however. If the level of the Scrap Iron is LOWER than the level of the Tool, you actually will DOWNGRADE your Tool when you reforge it!

It is with respect to Recipes that include Flowers as ingredients that players usually come to realise the benefits of using Greenifier, for many important Recipes for Weapons and Accessories include one or more Flowers as ingredients. For the common Flowers that can mature within a single season, the task is fairly easy. If you are diligent in watering the Crop and use both Greenifier and Formula C on one square, you can upgrade by three or four levels sometimes in the course of a single season.

Remember that you can use Greenifier ONLY ONCE on any single square, which means that the level of any Crop that you grow can improve only by one level. You can use any of the Formulae on a daily basis, however, and with Formula C, you will speed the growth by three days. I usually use Greenifier on the middle square only and then use Formula C on the same square on each subsequent day. Otherwise, if I choose other squares to upgrade randomly, I tend to forget which square has the upgraded Crop in it!

Where the Crop is slow-growing and rare, I try to grow it on the Floating Chamber near the Water Tower. With all my slow-growing rare Flowers at the same location, I can visit them daily without spending much time or effort to do so. Until you defeat the Giant Squid in the Water Tower, however, you will spend a fair amount of time, even with the rope shortcut, simply traveling to and from the Floating Chamber. It is not as practical to grow all the Crops there until you have established the Circle Portal. Until then, you may wish to confine your rare Crops to the various dungeons in Trampoli.

A general rule of thumb is: Don't use high level ingredients on Tools, because you can upgrade them from Level 1 simply by using 2 pieces of Scrap Iron. Use your high-level ingredients ONLY when all ingredients are high-level. Otherwise, you are wasting the level because the result will be based on the lowest level of ingredient.

N.B. My advice would be to take all four Elemental Capes and create a Black Robe instead. Even a Level 1 Black Robe would be superior to all the individual Elemental Capes.

The screenshots show a Level 2 Tiara, created using Level 1 Ingredients 'with expertise'.


sue said...

i've finally beaten the final boss at level 56, thanks for all your walkthrough.I am now wondering about the 2 new Constellation'Whale' and
afer both iris moved to their new home , do i need to wait for summer to view both the Constellation because i am now at autumn?

I am also able to forge The Hammer but because my level is low and my hammer skills is at 51 , each blow using The Hammer decrease my RP n HP preatty fast , is it not advisible to forge it yet?

I was also battling the clucky from green ruins for the second time , gosh he is so much powerful than the first time, eack kick from him cause massive decrease in HP n RP, how to counter back this situation?Cheers.

Freyashawk said...

Congratulations, Sue! Actually, the Whale and Scorpion constellations can be 'found' in any season as they are linked to the phases of the Moon (New Moon and Full Moon) rather than any specific season.

Yes, the more powerful tools and weapons use more energy but the amount of energy needed decreases with each upgrade AND with your own character's increase in level.
So upgrade The Hammer to Level 10 as quickly as possible using Scrap Iron and you will find it easier to use.

Freyashawk said...
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Freyashawk said...

All the Bosses become far more powerful after you defeat them the first time...

sue said...

thanks, it was the snow ruins video walkthrough which you have kindly shared that finally makes my adventures easier thus not confusing:)

I have forge The Hammer and was using all level 1 ingredients and managed to forge a Level 2 The Hammer because i managed to stop at the green line but when i next used scrap level 4 , i could not upgrade to level 3 since there was no green line indication eventhough i tried using higher level of scrap iron like level 5 onwards...i wonder why? Thanks

Robert said...

Your statement that you need to defeat a dungeon boss to enable a magic portal is inaccurate. So long as you reach the boss's chamber and confront the boss, whether you win or lose, the portal will be enabled.

My strategy in dealing with the bosses was to make my way as soon and as quickly as possible to the boss chamber and fight the boss regardless of my HP level or weapons or defense ability. As expected, I lost and recovered in the clinic, but the portal had been opened and from then on I could travel to the boss chamber at will.

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Robert. After you posted this, I wrote a post about it and revised all my guides. As my guides are based primarily on my own experiences in playing any game, I wrote 'defeated' because that was how it occurred for me. I never allowed myself to be defeated in any encounter with a Boss, but only confronted the Boss Monster when I knew I was powerful enough to win... I should have realised that the confrontation, not the victory, was the trigger. Anyway, thanks for posting.