Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Site for Favourite Harvest Moon/Rune Factory Events

Still recovering from the events of the past few days, my energy is very low and I am not certain how many contributions I can make at the moment to the Harvest Moon/Rune Factory universe. I did, however, discover a site I had created some time ago yet never promoted (evidently) for Favourite Events in Harvest Moon (or Rune Factory.

Favourite Events in Harvest Moon

I had hoped that other fans of Harvest Moon or Rune Factory would submit their favourite Event from any Harvest Moon/Rune Factory game. Any one who wishes to do so should send the piece to me in the body of an email and I then will post it on the site.


Anonymous said...

hi freyashawk its yuki kuran manga freak,
first i read the harvest queen thing when i was done i was in tears,please tell mars-frog that he/she is a lovly poet.she/he is the best thing sencs.........um........you yea thats it the best thing sence you.
thank her for me!

next, i was bord so i was looking through ur site and i saw u had a guide for lost in the blue two. ur a life saver(for my friends chariters anyways) my friend was looking for help on the game,now i can help her!!huray!!thnx u rock

ps add this comment as sone as u get it and leave a comment on the other thing i wrote please

Freyashawk said...

Thank you, Anonymous. Mars-Frog is a talented male writer and gamer. I'm certain he will appreciate your comment.