Friday, September 11, 2009

Trivia Test about Bianca in Rune Factory Frontier

These are a few trivia questions that will separate the (possibly insane) Harvest Moon/Rune Factory fanatics (in which group I would include myself) from the casual players. They all concern Bianca. If I receive enough responses, I may do the same for all the Eligible Girls in Rune Factory Frontier.

The following video contains the Trivia Questions:

For those who do not wish to take the time to watch this very trivial video, here are the questions in text form:

1. What reason does Bianca give for hating Rice Balls? (Please be precise.)
2. What two fish did Tabatha combine in a gourmet dish and what sort of sauce did she make for it?
3. What large item did Bianca buy long ago that she never used?
4. What gourmet dish does Bianca request that you bring to her, telling you meanwhile that she 'won't hold her breath' waiting for it?
5. What birthday gift did Bianca toss away when she was a child?
6. Which room in the Summer Mansion does Bianca consider to be too small?
7. What rare flower was used to make a new perfume that Bianca bought?
8. What type of dish does Tabatha refuse to eat with Bianca?
9. What dish does Bianca mention that takes 3 days to make?
10. Does Bianca have a small or large appetite?
Bonus Question: What is the most hurtful insult that Bianca ever made to your character? (All answers will be considered correct, but again be specific.)

The player who can respond correctly to all ten questions soonest will be awarded the (dubious) distinction of being Rune Factory Frontier Trivia Grandmaster/Grandmistress for the day and I will dedicate an RFF Trivia Video to him/her.

Note that any attempt to make dishes in your kitchen that correspond to those mentioned by Bianca are doomed to be unsuccessful in impressing her. The dishes do not exist under the names Bianca gives, but even if you make Recipes that closely resemble the dishes, she will not respond with any enthusiasm or any response that differs from her standard response to a gift of a Cooked Dish. After all,she herself will tell you that the only items she truly likes are those made by Tabatha!

Although most of the general translations in the English version ofRune Factory Frontier are good, translations of the names of specific items, including some War Trophies and Recipes were careless, which can be unfortunate. For example, Danny asks for 'Good Cloth', an item that does not exist under that name. His request in fact is for 'Quality Cloth'. Likewise, Tabatha, in speaking of her Most Favourite Item, calls it 'Porridge' when in fact the Dish she loves best is Oatmeal. There are other text errors of this sort, causing me to experiment with gifts for Bianca.

Although most of the Dishes are given rather grand-sounding names, often in French, they are not complex dishes really. I myself gave Bianca the Cooked Dishes that I felt would correspond most closely to those named by her, including a Milk Pudding and a Stew. All she said in response was her usual: What is this? Is it for me? I suppose I'll take it off your hands.

However, I suppose I would have to think of a special award if any player manages to find a Cooked Dish that will be accepted by Bianca as the one she requests that you bring to her, telling your character that she will not hold her breath waiting for you to find it.


km said...

I was wondering if there is a way to level up the colored grasses. Thanks for the great blog, you're the best.

Freyashawk said...

In RFF? I never found a way to do that... I discussed this with another player as well in the past and he hadn't found a way either. Are you referring perhaps to the White Grass for the Energy Drink X?
The best I've been able to make is Level 2 because of the Level 1 white Grass.