Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Harvest Moon and Rune Factory Cooking Site

While creating the little Trivia Test about Bianca, I became aware again of the odd combination of different cuisines that have become almost 'standard' both in Harvest Moon and in Rune Factory. Perhaps it is not odd at all to any one who lives in Japan, but from a Western viewpoint, dishes such as Doria and Gratin are associated with France rather than Japan. Furthermore, they are not really common dishes in English-speaking cultures at this point in time.

How many times have we made Doria or Gratin in our Harvest Moon or Rune Factory kitchens without ever baking the dish in the real world? How many players even know how to make these dishes?

I then thought it might be interesting to publish some 'real' Recipes for favourite Harvest Moon and Rune Factory dishes, so that fans of these games could cook them in their own kitchens.

My new 'Harvest Moon Cooking Site' is the result. I am not certain how many players actually will take the time and energy to make any of the Recipes I intend to publish there, but it may be of academic interest if not as useful in practical terms.

By the way, I am offering an invitation to Harvest Moon and Rune Factory fans to send me their own Recipes for these dishes if they are favourites in their own homes.
Please send only Recipes that you actually have made and tasted if possible!


Liza said...

Thanks for the recepies. I really wanted to make some of the stuff in the games.

Iris said...

I checked it out. It's cool!

Freyashawk said...

Thanks guys. It's just a start. I hope to add Recipes for most of the Dishes in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory to the site in time.

I was wondering if I should post some Harvest Moon/Rune Factory recipes with the 'real' ones...

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Freya!
Why don't you post something like the following, in your new website dedicated to Harvrst Moon Recipes in the Real Life?

Video Title:"What is Natto?"

Wish you Great Success!

Freyashawk said...

Thanks for reminding me about the need to include Natto. I'm not certain that video makes people want to TRY Natto, but it's very interesting and quite amusing. I only wish the guy had made the Natto by hand instead of buying it readymade. Perhaps I will add it to my new Natto post anyway...

Anonymous said...

hi freyashawk,
i went on your food site and i love the japanese curry rice thing but im a vegatarin(sorry bad spelling)is there a vegatarin kind of japanese curry rice? if so could you post it on that site please(i no u have one there alrdiy but i mean a japnese curry rice)

ps love ur sites all of them:)
im ur #1 fan(ME:glares at other fans Fans:runs and hides)

pps i used to leave comments under the name Vaughns sweetheart remeber.look at my name now!.................oh wait now were to put it.......ok then ill call my self......................
dududa.........yuki,kuran manga freak....oh yea nice one*high fives*

your #1 fan
yuki kuran manga freak

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Yuki! I definitely will find a good vegetarian recipe for you... and you will be happy to hear that I am working on guides for the upcoming Sunshine Islands AND our favourite silver-haired cowboy is eligible for courtship and marriage in THAT game as well!