Friday, May 22, 2009

New Rune Factory Frontier Walkthrough for 2nd Year

IGN has a limit on file size for guides, so I have divided the Rune Factory Frontier primary guides into the following:

Rune Factory Frontier General Guide
Rune Factory Frontier 1st Year Walkthrough
Rune Factory Frontier 2nd Year Walkthrough

Although I may revise the organisation of the Walkthroughs substantially in the future, at present I have confined the 1st Year Walkthrough to early options and Events that occur at fairly low heart levels.

The 2nd Year Walkthrough will include the Events that require a higher Heart Level or Friendship Level. So far, I have completed a Walkthrough only for Spring in the second year. It contains the Missing Scriptures Quest, Happiness 101 as well as details about obtaining the ingredients for the Wedding Bouquet. It includes Minerva's Introduction Event and Melody's Event at 10 Hearts, inter alia, as well as the Event that forces Selphy to work parttime at the Church. As time permits, the Events for the other Eligible Girls will be included as well.

Ultimately, both 1st and 2nd Walkthroughs will be re-organised completely. I must decide how to organise the Events for each Eligible Girl. Should I place all Events that occur at 4 Hearts or less in the 1st Year Walkthrough and all that occur above 4Hearts in the 2nd Year... or...? What I will not do ultimately is favour one character over another. As the organiseation of the original Walkthroughs were based on my first game, they ARE unequal at this point in time. That will be rectified as time permits.

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