Monday, May 11, 2009

List of Monsters in Rune Factory Frontier by Job Description

This is a list of all Monsters organised by task. I wanted to create this from the very start but was inspired to do it today after a friend asked where to find a Monster who would clear his Field of lumber. This list now has been added a section of my Rune Factory Frontier Bestiary and Caves Guide. Another section in the Guide gives a comprehensive list of War Trophies with all of the monsters and other methods for obtaining each.

Monster List by Tasks in Rune Factory Frontier

Watering Crops

Glace at Snow Ruins B1F, B2F
Little Emperor at Lava Ruins B3F and Whale Island, Tower of Rebirth and Tower of Life Garden
Little Wizard at Snow Ruins B5F and Whale Island, Tower of Rebirth and Tower of Life Garden
Mamoo , Snow Ruins at B2F and B3F
Sealy, Whale Island Drain
Sky Fish, Whale Island Flank
Tortas, Whale Island Drain

Harvesting Crops

Ant at Whale Island on Cave Surface, Green Ruins at B14, Lava Ruins at B1F
Blood Panther, Tower of Glory at Whale Island, Snow Ruins at B4F
Goblin at Whale Island Cave Surface
High Orc at Whale Island Tower of Rebirth
Hobgoblin at Whale Island Flank
Killer Ant, Lava Ruins at B1F
Orc, Whale Island, Cave Depths
Orc Archer, Whale Island, Cave Depths
Shadow Panther, Snow Ruins B1F and B2F

Cutting Grass for Fodder

Death Stalker at Snow Ruins B1F and B2F
Faust at Whale Island, Tower of Birth, Floating Chamber
Ghost at Lava Ruins B1F
Mantict, Tree at Whale Island Tail
Necro at Whale Island, Tower of Birth
Samurai, Tower of Plenty Garden at Whale Island
Scorpion, Whale Island Flank and Lava Ruins B3F


Buffaloo at Lava Ruins B4F
Elefun at Lava Ruins B1F
Hunter Wolf at Whale Island Tower of Glory, Snow Ruins, B4F and B5F
Silver Wolf, Whale Island Fin
Unico, Snow Ruins B3F and Whale Island Drain

Providing Ranch Products


Buffamoo at Whale Island Fin and Green Ruins B3F
Buffazoo at Whale Island Floating Chamber and Snow Ruins B4F


Clucky at Green Ruins B3F
Duck at Lava Ruins B2F


Hornet at Green Ruins B3F
Hornet Queen at Snow Ruins B1F


Fluffy at Lava Ruins B4F
Wooly at Green Ruins B2F and Whale Island Fin


Autumn, Snow Ruins at B1F
Spring, Green Ruins B1F and B2F
Summer, Lava Ruins, B3F and B4F


Gobble Box at Whale Island Floating Chamber, Tower of Plenty and at Snow Ruins B6F
Monster Box at Lava Ruins B1F, B4F and B5F

Rare Items

Big Muck at Green Ruins B2F
Tricky Muck, Snow Ruins B6F, Tower of Rebirth Garden
Micro Dragon at Snow Ruins B6F
Mini Dragon at Snow Ruins B4F and B6F and Tower of Glory on Whale Island

Harvesting Wild Plants

Chitter, Green Ruins B1F
Fairy, Tree at Whale Island Tail and Drain
Furpy, Lava Ruins B2F
Hardes at Whale Island, Tower of Glory, Tower of Rebirth

Clearing Lumber from Field

Blackbird, Floating Chamber at Whale Island
Ignis, Lava Ruins at B2F and B3F
Little Mage, Whale Island at Tower of Rebirth Garden; Green Ruins B3F
Minotaur, Lava Ruins, B4F and B5F
Minotaur King, Snow Ruins B3F, B4F and B5F and Whale Island, Floating Chamber and Tower of Life Garden
Soul, Snow Ruins B5F and B6F
Weagle, Lava Ruins B5F

Clearing Rocks from Field

Beetle at Tree at Whale Island Tail
Dark Slime at Lava Ruins B5F
Gigantes at Whale Island Tower of Life, Tower of Life Garden
Hammer Troll at Lava Ruins B3F and B4F
Heracles at Whale Island Tower of Plenty Garden
Mini-Golem, Whale Island Flank and Lava Ruins, B2F and B3F
Slime, Whale Island Cave Depths


Mars Frog said...

Awesome. Your guides have been quite helpful. I don't think I'd be progressing nearly as well right now without them. Thanks for answering my questions too, I've managed to make progress.

Hmm... Minotaur King sounds wicked. It'd probably kick my butt right now though. Huh... so there's a Buffaloo and Buffazoo too... funky. I'll have to get those too so I'll have all three. I'd like to ride an Elefun, too... Tortas sounds like a monster I'd like as well.

Freyashawk said...

Thanks for your support, Mars. I feel a little overwhelmed by Rune Factory Frontier, quite honestly. There is so much detail and I have no intention of neglecting any aspect of the game.

I was very excited when I tamed my first Elefun in the Lava Ruins, but as a Transport Monster, she is slower and heavier than the Silver Wolf. I am partial to my Wolves, I have to admit.

You didn't play the handheld precursors of RFF so this will not represent anything different to you, but there is a big difference in that you cannot even attempt to tame a Monster if your experience level is too low to permit it. The other two Rune Factory games had no such limitations. Your Pet Glove would become more effective as your levels increased, but there was no point at which you could not tame any Monster, provided you kept sufficient recovery items on hand!

I use my Elefun to water my Fields, as it is so much fun to watch her out there. My watering can now is more efficient than she is, but I still set her to the task.

The fact that the Grim Reaper monsters can be set the task of cutting grass for fodder is most entertaining as well.

Kairen said...

I love your guides, but I've only seen a few of them since I don't like to cheat on games (I only like to find out what items are found where or Monsters) But I want you to know that you have Little Wizard down as "Watering Crops" that's wrong as I have one and it "Harvests Lumber" The Little Emperor waters crops. Also the Little Wizard is also found on the last floor of Green Ruins, you don't have that on your list either. I just thought I'd help you with some corrections. Good luck!

Freyashawk said...
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Freyashawk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freyashawk said...

I need to look into this. There are three of this Wizards in RFF: Little Wizard, Little Mage and Little Emperor. I thought that it was the Little Mage that was found on the 3rd floor of the Green Ruins. He will clear lumber from the field, as you describe. The first 'Wizard' type who waters the field is found in the Lava Ruins as the Little Emperor.

I remember that my initial list was incorrect long ago when I described the Monster in the Green Ruins as a Little Emperor...

I need to go back to play RFF again to confirm that the Wizard in the Green Ruins indeed is the Little Mage and NOT the Little Wizard. So many guides, so many games, so many Monsters... but I will look into this.

Freyashawk said...

I noticed, however, that I failed to include the Little Mage in my list of Monsters who clear Lumber from the field so have corrected that in the List...

abelos said...

halo freyashawk! thankyou for your guide..
Is RFF have alot of time limit or kind of free? like RF 2 is quite free on playing it..
and from who do you get the pet glove?