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Illusory Profit in a Wedding Bouquet in Rune Factory Frontier

Players often speak of the profit that can be made by shipping Wedding Bouquets in Rune Factory Frontier, but in fact the actual profit made by shipping a Level 1 Wedding Bouquet is only 73G.

If you look at the shipping values of the individual ingredients, you will find the following:
Baleen: 20G
Green Grass:10G
Moondrop Flower: 217G
Toy Herb: 900G
Pink Cat: 520G
Blue Rose: 1040G

The total value of the ingredients, if all are Level 1 Items, is 2707G. The shipping value of a Level 1 Wedding Bouquet is 2780G. This makes the actual profit only 73G. Where you will make a 'profit', of course, is in the gain to your Skills at the Crafts Bench. Furthermore, if you can create the Wedding Bouquet 'with expertise', boosting it thereby to Level 2, its value will increase to 3336G. THAT does constitute a nice profit of 556G. It may not be an incredible profit, but it is a profit.

What you should not do is use higher levels of ingredients to create the Wedding Bouquet as the Baleen is Level 1 and that will reduce the level of the final product to Level 1 or, at best, Level 2. You therefore would be best served by using your high level flowers to create other high level items or simply ship them individually.

Note that the Blue Rose has a higher shipping value than a White Rose. A Level 1 White Rose ships for 810G. A Level 1 Blue Rose ships for 1040G. Leaving the White Roses blooming in any field in a dungeon for a few days therefore not only grants you the benefit of the Rune Points created but transforms the flowers into a more valuable product.

I know this information is rather like the depressing mathematical equations provided to a gambler who has the winning ticket at the Kentucky Derby and is jubilant to see that the winner pays $5.00. 'Yes,' declares the mathematician, 'but you know you didn't WIN $5.00, don't you?' 'What do you mean?' 'Well, you paid $2.00 for the ticket. Your winnings, therefore, are $3.00, not $5.00.'

Another case where maths might be useful is in deciding when to use Greenifier in Rune Factory Frontier. Greenifier costs 9200G and works only on a single square where seed has been planted. It will have NO effect, by the way, once the seed has sprouted, so must be applied early.

A Level 1 Golden Turnip, a Crop that is fairly valuable but not incredibly so, ships for 500G. A Level 2 Golden Turnip ships for 600G. A portion of Greenifier, as previously stated, costs 9200G. If dumped on a level 1 Golden Turnip in the field, it will produce a single Level 2 Golden Turnip. Obviously, there is no point in shipping this. You have to feed it into the Seed Maker to produce a bag of Level 2 Golden Turnip Seeds. Plant those and you will have 9 Level 2 Golden Turnips. The difference in shipping value between those and the original Level 1 Crops is 900G for 9 Level 2 Golden Turnips. That is not even one-tenth of the price paid for the Greenifier...

You can make Greenifier in your own Laboratory but it is a labour-intensive project with Skill Level 99 and the following ingredients: Formula C, Earth Crystal, Water Crystal, Fish Fossil, Fairy Dust and Demon Blood. Formula C requires Formula B as an ingredient. Formula B requires Formula A as an ingredient... White Grass and Black Grass are ingredients in Formula C as well... All in all, kind of a headache especially if you intend to make Greenifier in bulk.

Where, then, is it worth 9200G to use Greenifier to boost the level of a Crop? On Flowers, of course, as Flowers are ingredients in many Weapons and Accessories. Even the common 'garden-variety' blooms such as Moondrop, Toy Flower, Pink Cat and Charm Blue benefit from the use of Greenifier.

Lunar Eclipe requires a Moondrop. Heaven's Tear requires Pink Cat and Charm Blue. A Crescent Axe uses a Moondrop The Hammer requires a Fireflower. Miracle Axe requires a Noel Grass. Legend Sickle requires Ironleaf. The Joy Can requires a Four-Leaf Clover. The Blessed Hoe uses Cherry Grass and the Sacred Pole requires a Noel Grass. Steel Sushir uses Ironleaf.

It is with respect to Accessories, however, that you will find the most frequent demand for Flowers. Although two Accessories use Farm Crops in the form of the Pumpkin for the famed Pumpkin Head and the Turnip for the Turnip Head, Flowers are more common ingredients.

In Headgear recipes alone, you will find flowers prevalent. The Stylish Hat and Fluffy Hat both require a Toy Herb. The Headdress uses a Moondrop and a Charm Blue.
With respect to the rare flowers, the Golden Hairpin requires Ironleaf, the Elephant Mask uses Four-Leaf Clover, the Tiara require Emery Flower and the Whale Hat uses Lamp Grass.

In terms of Neckgear, Critical 7 requires a Four-Leaf Clover, the Rosario uses Lamp Grass. For Torso Equipment, you will find that the Furry Belt uses Toy Herb, while all four Elemental Capes require flowers: Moondrop for the Wind Cape, Pink Cat for the Fire Cape, Charm Blue for the Water Cape and Toy Herb for the Earth Cape. To make the Cat's Tail, you will need Pink Cat and to make the Black Robe, you will need a four-Leaf Clover. The Corsage requires both Cherry Grass and Emery Flower.

In terms of Arm Equipment, the Silence Ring uses Pink Cat, the Para Ring uses Charm Blue and the Poison Ring uses Toy Herb. The Magic Ring uses Fireflower and the Diamond Ring requires Emery Flower.

Where Weapons are concerned, a higher level of Weapon requires less RP Use than a Level 1 Weapon. Where accessories are concerned, higher levels produce higher Defence. Both your RP Use and your Defence can be critically important. It therefore DOES make sense to dump a bag of Greenifier on a Flower to produce a higher level... and to keep doing that, if possible, with successive flower crops until you can produce a Level 10 Flower.

When working in the Laboratory, you will find that Flowers are required to create the items that boost your character's abilities. Fireflower is an ingredient in Dexterity Bottle. The rare 'Crystal' flowers are needed to create Vital Gummy (Green Crystal), Intelligent Vitamins (Blue Crystal) and Protein (Red Crystal)

Where raising the level of the items that you grow is concerned, it is not profit that is the motivation but the ability to create a superior item.

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Very nice guide but let me add this to avoid confusion, I am sure you know it but to avoid misunderstandings:
When making tools like The Hammer, Blessed hoe etc., the level of the flower doesn't matter because you can upgrade with scrap metal.
Great guide, thx