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High-Powered Recipes in Rune Factory Frontier

I posted easy Recipes for beginners in Rune Factory Frontier previously, but once your Cooking Skills are sufficient and your access to ingredients is complete, you will be able to make high-powered Dishes that far outmeasure the simple Cooked Items available to your character in Spring or Summer of the first year. I would imagine that, by the middle of Autumn of the first year, you should be able to make ANY dish in the kitchen.

I recommend the following dishes because they restore significant HP and RP and provide a boost to Maximum HP. If you are trying to defeat ALL Boss Monsters when your own character's experience levels are below 70, you may find that dishes that boost maximum HP are invaluable as they may make the difference between defeat and maintaining a presence at the battlefield!

Here are some old Harvest Moon favourites that have good values in Rune Factory Frontier. They all are made in an Oven:

Doria: 1080G
Skill Level 34
HP 190, RP 225, FX 120 sec. Max HP +85
Ingredients: Milk, Rice, Butter, Onion, Flour

Gratin: 1060G
Skill Level 46
HP 150, RP 200, FX 120 sec. Max HP +50, Earth Resistance + 35
Ingredients: Milk, Cheese, Onion, Flour, Butter

Potato Gratin: 1480G
HP 215, RP 325, FX 120 sec. Max HP +55, Earth REsistance +50
Ingredients: Potato, Milk, Cheese, Onion, Flour, Butter

Seafood Doria: 1230G
HP 210, RP 225, FX 120 sec. Max HP +85, Knock-back
Ingredients: Shrimp, Milk, Rice, Onion, Flour, Butter

Gratin de Mer: 1145G
HP 165, RP 200, FX 120 sec. Max HP +50, Magic +35
Ingredients; Squid, Milk, Cheese, Onion, Flour, Butter

I personally favour items that boost defence and survival rather than Attack. One problem during battles with powerful enemies is RP. If you use the most powerful Weapons available, they inevitably require more RP than a less powerful Weapon.

For example, using a Level 1 Souleater may give you ATK 89 and transfer HP from an Enemy to your character, but its RP Use is 33 which means that you need to have items with you that restore significant amounts of RP during battle.

Relax Tea is another old Harvest Moon favourite. In Rune Factory Frontier, Level 1 Relax Tea restores 175 RP and have a special effect of providing Status Defence for 90 seconds.

Relax Tea: 330G
Skill Level 95 (Pot Recipe)
HP 0, RP 175, FX 90 sec. Status Defence
Ingredients: Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves: 240G
Skill Level 88 (No Tools Recipe)
HP 5, RP 0, FX 0
Ingredients: Blue Grass, Purple Grass x 2, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass

Note that Tea Leaves are the equivalent of any 'raw' ingredient in RFF, offering very little HP, no RP and no temporary Special Effect. You need to boil them in a Pot to create Relax Tea in order to make them useful.

Drinks usually do not have any ability to restore HP in Rune Factory Frontier. They act only on RP but any drink can be consumed faster on a battlefield than a food item. In this sense, Rune Factory Frontier is very realistic. If you take food items to a battlefield, you must find the time and a protected spot where you can munch on them freely without being killed while doing so!

Sometimes it is faster to drink an Energy Potion and Relax Tea than to eat a Cooked Dish.

The Energy Potions that are useful in battle are:

E. Drink S.: 280G
Skill Level 30
HP 105, RP 0, FX 0
Ingredients: Energy Drink x 2

E. Drink X: 590G
Skill Level 70
HP 300, RP 0, FX 0
Ingredients: E. Drink S. x 2, White Grass

Obviously, if you have White Grass and sufficient skill levels in the Laboratory, you are advised to take E. Drink X rather than E. Drink S into battle with a powerful Boss Monster.

Another 'powerhouse' recipe that restores 195 HP and 400 RP, offering a boost of 20 points in your Defence for 120 seconds is the old Harvest Moon favourite, Pizza:

Pizza: 1830G
HP 195, RP 400, FX 120 sec. Element Defence +20, Stun Defence
Cheese, Flour, Ketchup, Bell Pepper, Potato, Mushroom

My own advice personally would be to wait until you have experience at Level 65 or Level 70 before you attempt to defeat Gelwein in the Era of Disconnect, but if you are determined to save Mist before you reach that level of experience, these are some of the items that will help you.

In terms of Weapons and Equipment, this partly will depend on your access to rare ingredients. If you have only the Four-Leaf Clover given to you by Stella, you will be obliged to choose carefully how to use it.

It can be used to create one superior item of Head Equipment, Neck Equipment OR Torso Equipment.

Elephant Mask: 6950G
Skill Level 80
ATK 15, DEF 100, MAG 95
Ingredients: Four-leaf Clover, Quality Fur, Sharp Fang, Sapphire

Critical 7: 7060G
Skill Level 70
ATK 17, DEF 77, MAG 77
Ingredients: Platinum, Four-leaf Clover, Magic Talon, Sharp Fang, Sharp Talon
Ingredients: Platinum, Four-leaf Clover, Ice Snake Tongue

Black Robe: 12440G
Skill Level 95
ATK 0, DEF 105, MAG 85
Ingredients: Fire Cape, Water Cape, Earth Cape, Wind Cape, Four-Leaf Clover, Demon Blood

My preference, provided you have sufficient skill at the Workbench, would be the Black Robe.

Good Arms Equipment can be created without any rare ingredients in the form of the Platinum Bracelet:

Pt. Bracelet: 970G
Skill Level 90
ATK 25, DEF 90, MAG 70
Ingredients: Cheap Band, Platinum x 4

What is good about this item is that you should be able to find ingredients of consistently high levels, boosting the final item to a much higher level than Level 1or even Level 2. The same is true of the good all-purpose Wristwatch, which can be created even earlier in the game.

Wristwatch: 590G
Skill Level 70
ATK 25, DEF 80, MAG 60, FX Stun Defence, Paralysis Defence
Ingredients: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Monster hide, Solid Point

The first Wristwatch I forged was Level 5, boosting Defence points to 96 instead of 80. Attack and Magic were not affected by the higher level.

Your Weapons choices MUST depend on your character's experience Levels somewhat, as the best weapons require a lot of RP to wield. The best Magic Wands, for example, require from 80 - 140 RP per use! Axes are less onerous as the most powerful axe, the Executioner, requires only 67 RP with an Attack power of 226. The Double Edge requires 50. The most powerful Hammer, however, in the form of Myurnil, requires 92 RP and delivers an Attack of almost 200 with the added special effect of Guts. If you wish to choose the Spear of the old Norse All-Father, Odhinn, in the form of Gungnir, you will find that it requires RP of 76 per use, with an Attack of 124 and special Effect both of Wind Attack and Guts.

The Rune Blade may be one of your best choices, with Attack of 121, RP Use of 74 and a special effect of Rune Power. It does require a Little Crystal, but you can find those by taking the Rope shortcut to the Tower at Whale Island, then using two Grass Rune Stones to open each of the Chambers. That probably is the quickest way to find a Little Crystal fairly early in the game.

Rune Factory Frontier, of ALL Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games probably is the one that requires the most 'multi-tasking'. Furthermore, it is one in which your Skill Levels in ALL aspects of the game should increase at equal rates, while increasing Friendship levels with all individuals at equal rates. In my own view, there is no particular advantage to an early marriage or in the increase of one individual's Friendship/Heart Levels at a faster rate than others. There are many events and options that require specific Friendship/Heart Levels for various characters. If you speak to every one regularly, whether or not you give gifts, you will increase Friendship and Love Levels. With respect to Love Levels, a gift of a preferred item will speed the process, but as in any Harvest Moon/Rune Factory game, I feel that it is a good idea to raise ALL Girls' Love and Friendship levels to the maximum before you propose marriage to any one.

There is a little more danger in Rune Factory Frontier in terms of jealousy on the part of other Girls if you actually go on a date with an Eligible Girl. There is no penalty for raising heart levels with gifts and conversation, however.

With all that should be accomplished in terms of raising ALL Skill Levels and establishing good social relationships with all characters, I do not recommend that you push your character too hard or too fast to defeat Gelwein in the Era of Disconnect.

When you reach an adequate level of experience, all other Skill Levels should be equally good to allow you to forge the best weapons and equipment as well as preparing the best food and medicine to take with you.

As Kanno advises your character when you first open the Portal to the Era of Disconnect: 'You should be able to travel to the other world where Mist is. Be sure to remember there is a fearful magical creature that awaits you there. It’s not too late even after you’ve made preparations.'

Note that ALL Recipes now are included in my Rune Factory Frontier Recipes Cookbook Guide. You will find links to all my guides on the right side of this page. The Cookbook Guide includes all Recipes for the Kitchen, Forge, Crafts Bench and Pharmacy. Each Recipe contains information about its shipping value, its HP and RP value as well as any temporary special effects. In this, Rune Factory Frontier offers a comprehensive information resources in-game with respect to all items that can be made by your character.

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