Friday, May 15, 2009

The Nature of Runeys in Rune Factory Frontier

There is a new system that players are promoting with respect to the Runeys. The maximum of each type that can be placed on any district is 60. The theory is that, if you place 60 of each type on every district, the only change that occurs will be the death of 2 Grass Runeys on each of those districts apart from your own Homestead where the crops that are mature will regenerate 2 Grass Runeys to take the place of those who have died.

I think this system ignores the essential nature of the Runeys and actually is WASTING the potential of the Grass Runeys in a way. The description of the four types of Runeys is:

Grass Runeys: They prefer open areas and do not eat other Runeys. When they grow too great in numbers, they sometimes suddenly decrease on their own.
Rock Runeys: They prefer to live near buildings. They eat Tree Runeys but do not reproduce in large numbers.
Tree Runeys: They prefer forests and unspoiled nature. They eat Grass Runeys and can easily multiply in numbers.
Water Runeys: They prefer to be near water, like the lake and beach. They eat Rock Runeys but do not reproduce in large numbers.
Some Runeys will eat Runeys of another variety. The secret of attaining Prosperity is placement and balance.

Note the description of the Grass Runeys: 'When they grow too great in numbers, they sometimes suddenly decrease on their own.'

In other words, if you have 60 of every type of Runey on any district other than the Homestead, 2 of the Grass Runeys will die each week. The others cannot grow beyond 60 but the Grass Runeys WILL die.

In my own game, having 50 of each type of Runey on my own Homestead at the start of the week and NO dead districts anywhere on the Map resulted in a gain of all four types of Runeys to the maximum of 60 of each type by the end of the week. The Water Runeys would grow fastest and in fact, there would be 59 Water, 52 Rock, 57 Tree and 52 Grass on the morning after I skimmed 10 of each off the Homestead. What would happen, though, is that the other types would catch up by the end of the week.

You therefore could skim 10 of each type from your Homestead to use in Rune Stones, Rune Miracles or in other districts at the end of each week and still have the maximum 60 of each type at the end of the next week.
Furthermore, as long as I had Crops growing at all times on my Field and at least 12 of each type of Runey in every other district on the map, my Crops would grow at least twice as fast if not more. Grass if cut would be ready to cut again the next morning. Strawberries if harvested would be ready to harvest again the next morning...

It therefore appears to me that it goes against the 'spirit' of the game to place 60 of every type in any district because that leads solely to the demise of the Grass Runeys in that district. The players who follow this system are required to replace the dead Grass Runeys regularly... They claim this is 'easier' than allowing Nature to have her way, but I am not certain that this is true either.

If you keep an eye on the Runey Distribution Map, have a state of Prosperity in the Homestead and simply make certain that there are at least 12 of each type of Runey in all districts apart from the Homestead, your own Crop growth will be maximised and general harmony and balance should be maintained.

I would be interested in the opinions and results of other players, as always.

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Mysta02 said...

In the Homestead, this is all true, but in every other area, you must have at least 35 of each type of runey for that region to be in prosperity (yellow). Have only twelve in each will make them green, as would having 5 of each. Green areas are neither good, nor bad.

The best you can do is to have ALL your regions in prosperity.