Thursday, October 16, 2008

What name would you choose?

Playing Harvest Moon through the years, one is required to choose names for characters, pets and animals on a regular basis. I am curious now to see what names other players would choose for these two adorable (real) kittens.

For the bluepoint Himalayan, would you choose Attila or Ashley?
For the shaded flame or marmalade Persian, would you choose Fiamma or Marmee?

Perhaps you do not like ANY of these names, in which case, what would YOU name them?

Strictly speaking, this is not a proper Harvest Moon post, but most Harvest Moon players appear to love cats as much as I. I wanted to share the photographs and thought it would be interesting to find out what other players thought of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those cats are adorable! I like those names. For the Himalayan, I like Ashley best, and Fiamma is pretty for the cream-colored cat.

Synth said...

For the first one, if the choice is just those two names, I'd say Attila for a boy and Ashley for a girl. English not being my native language I perceive Ashley as a female name ^^ Then again, it seems too nice on the picture to be Attila

For the second one, my vote goes for Marmee.

Though if they will live together, you could go with names of famous couples... maybe Mark and Chelsea :D

Freyashawk said...

Ah, thanks guys for your input! Ashley was the name of my first shaded silver Persian Male and in fact, is one of the main male characters in 'Gone with the Wind'. I named my shaded silver Ashley in honour of 'Gone with the Wind' and because silver reminds me of 'ash'. A little bluepoint has the same colouring in a way on his 'points'.

I think poor Attila has had an awful lot of bad press through the centuries. He was educated in Rome and was quite a complex individual, with great romances. I like the way the name sounds.

So between the two of you, I have one vote for each name!

Alyssa said...

Hmm... I'm leaning towards "Ashley" and "Marmee", but I have...strange...taste in names sometimes. :D

Cuuute cats, by the way. I want a kitty, but I'm currently at my pet limit. Blargh.

Anonymous said...

I really suck at knowing what breed iw shihc, o I ahve no idea which cat goes wiht which names. But, seeing as I prefer two other names t the ones you picked out, I don't think that matters so much.

If they were girls:I'd name the white one wiht the black face Persia. The orange one (The one I think is cuter and love better than the other one, no ofense poeple) I'd name Topaz.

If they were boys: The white one would be Attila (I couldn't thinko anything else that would fit it). And for the orange one, I'd call him Kyo (Becase of Kyo from the anime fruits basket. Only this one is SOOO muhc cuter in cat form. Lol).

Mars Frog said...

What nice felines. I'm a cat lover myself really.

As for the names... Atilla and Marmee sound good to me.

I actually just started taking care of a stray recently ...

ChoKitty said...

I would name the first one Sophie. Only because my mother always said if she had a cat like that she'd name it Sophie

ChoKitty said...

Oooh, if its a boy, Attila. And Marmee

beautiful.nightmare said...

I really like the name Marmee, so I'd choose that one for the orange cat. As for the first one I think I'd go for Ashley, but would probably just call him Ash (Pokemon anyone?)
Anyway.. It always takes me awhile to decide what to name my pets. I find it easier to do when I know their personality a little more. I named my cat Sophie.

Freyashawk said...

Many thanks to every one for their comments. I agree with you, beautiful.nightmare, actually, that one needs to wait a little to match the name to the personality. I always tend to choose very grand names initially for my pets, but then ultimately call them by nicknames that suit their personalities far better.

'Marmee' stands for 'Marmalade' as well as being the character from 'Little Women' but this little darling would have to grow into that name, as Marmee was the mother in the book. 'Fiamma' means 'Flame' which is why I thought it would be appropriate but some one else has suggested 'Muffin' which has nothing whatsoever to do with her colour but is a cute nickname. The bluepoint may end up as 'Ashley Attila' but the nickname that suits him is 'Little Bear'. He is so furry. 'Ash' is a good nickname for him as well.

All the suggestions are good. 'Persia' is a good cat name, I must say, as it sounds like 'Purrrsia' and is the breed's name after all.

I always liked the name 'Sophie' for a girl. 'Kyo' is a good name, but the bluepoint is the boy and the orange marmalade is a girl.
Topaz is a good suggestion as that is her colour. Actually, I like the name 'Alyssa'. She was a noble queen and the founder of Carthage, after all.

Mar, I have rescued many strays myself. I love all cats, whether purebred or not. I never quite stop grieving for the cats who have died, no matter how long it has been. No animal really can replace another, but there always is room in the heart for more.

Sherry said...

That is such a cute Himalayan! One of my dreams is to get one when I'm more financially sound...