Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feline Titles outside of Harvest Moon

As this is my own website, I can take as many liberties as I like with the subject matter. I promise I will not do it often, but for any one who is interested in the kittens, here is the latest update.

As of today, the kittens' titles are:

Ashleigh Attila, Prince of Purrsia, aka 'Ashkins', 'Baby Bear' or 'Little Bear'
(The spelling of Ashley was changed so there would be no doubt as to his gender, even though the traditional gender of the name 'Ashley' was male, as is evidenced in 'Gone with the Wind'.)

Princess Fiamma Marmee Marigold, aka 'Beauty' or 'Little Marm'

Lots of alliteration in the classical Anglo-Saxon fashion and an over-abundance of names, to follow a family traditions.

Thanks again to all the players who participated in this ongoing process. As the ancients understood quite well, a name does hold power. Words in fact have power. Some even believe that it was a Word that shaped our world 'in the beginning'. ('In the beginning was the Word...'

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