Sunday, October 5, 2008

Name of the Island in IoH

The island where you wash ashore in IoH may be called 'Sunny Island' for convenience but one of the ultimate rewards if you bring every character to the island is the ability to rename the Island!

Go to the Harvest Goddess and make an offering as usual to experience the Event.

Name of the Island
HG: Thank you for all your offerings.
You’ve been on this island awhile, Freya!
There was once no one on this island. But it’s become so much more lively now!
I’ve just heard that you became a Ranch King, right?
As a reward, I’ll let you rename the island! It’s my gift to you, Freya!
So, go ahead and pick a cool new name for the island!
Freya Island, eh?
It's a good name! I like it!
All right, we're gonna use that name from now on!
Okay, see ya!

As Island of Happiness is rather complex, there may be more requirements to this than simply that of having brought all subsidiary characters to the Island. It is possible that you may need to have the Harvest Goddess at a certain minimum heart level and/or a specific number of Farming Degree points.

I actually had the Harvest Goddess at 10 Hearts and my actual title was Earth Ranch Duke (not King!) when I experienced this Event.

I don't think having the H.G. at 10 hearts is a requirement but it is possible that you may have had to have brought her a minimum number of offerings.


Mars Frog said...

Heh, nice name. ;)

So I take it everyone on the island recognizes it now?

Freyashawk said...

They should! So far, though, no one has mentioned it... It does appear on the Assets Page as the name of the Island!

Anonymous said...

Freyashawk, I am sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but are you aware of the fact that Japan will soon be publishing two new Harvest Moon games, one for the Wii platform and another for the DS? They both sound interesting, and I wanted to make sure you knew of their existance. I do wonder, however, when Shining Sun will come to America?

Freyashawk said...

Anon, a comment can be posted anywhere. I do try to respond to them wherever they are posted.
Yes, I am aware of a few upcoming Japanese titles, including 'Shining Sun'. I believe 'Shining Sun' is related to Island of Happiness and includes a few new islands additional characters, including a rival for Mark and Chelsea. HM3 and Rune Factory II will be the next Harvest Moon games to be released in the U.S. but I have no doubt that Natsume will publish the others as and when it becomes practical to do so.

It always rather amazes me to find there are certain players almost desperate for the NEXT Harvest Moon game when new games have been released only within the past month or so... As much as I myself am excited by every new game in the series, I still feel there is much to explore in HM DS, Cute DS, Island of Happiness, Tree of Tranquility and, in fact, in the first Rune Factory!

Mars Frog said...

Shining Sun and Animal March are more or less sequels by the looks with various enhancements and changes.

Like you can adopt some of the wild animals in Shining Sun (much like ToT) and some of the farm animals are available in different colors (black chickens, brown cows, etc). My biggest hope for Shining Sun though is the stylus controls ... I hope they much more refined. That or the controls are mapped to the buttons as an optional way of playing. You shouldn't have to struggle so much to do simple tasks.

Animal March is really embracing the customization department with 400+ clothes and accessories ... it's beginning to remind me of Animal Crossing ... You're also able to take pictures and hang them in your house. The Harvest God is also making an appearance since HM DS. My biggest hope for this game is no frame rate issues and lessened loading times.

The other DS title ... Wind's Bazaar is a entirely new entry. It takes place in a town known as Breeze Town (Zephyr Town in Japanese), which has three large windmills capable of producing various products. The time taken to create said products depends on how windy it is outside. Also true to the title are the bazaars which are held every week or so where you can both buy and sell things. This title will also truly embrace wifi online play by allowing players to visit each other's farms and work on them and/or buy things at the bazaars.

. . . . . Marvelous certainly seems to favor the DS . . . . .

Freyashawk said...

Thanks very much, Mar, for your informative comment. I actually would favour the DS myself over the large consoles, to be honest. I have to admit that the graphics and 'all-embracing' reality aspect of the Wii or Cube is far more impressive but I like the idea of being able to take Harvest Moon wherever I go. The little compact handheld systems are so sophisticated now that one loses very little in terms of quality. Even so, riding a horse in ToT or Magical Melody is so much more convincing than it ever would be on the DS. One becomes truly lost in the world of Harvest Moon when it fills a large screen! I do love that. The landscapes are incredible in ToT, aren't they? I think the animals are fabulous as well. I had a stable of horses of at least four different colours in my initial test game. I had goats in three different colours and cows in at least three colours. The black cow is rather grand!
I could choose to ride a different horse each day. I really must play ToT again, but I will be obliged to begin from the beginning obviously...

Mars Frog said...

I believe Wind's Bazaar will be the 9th HM title for the DS ...

Waffle Island has some awesome landscapes. Mt. Gelato, Caramel Falls, Brownie Ranch Cliff, and island beach property are some of coolest places I've seen in an HM game ... if only the camera were a little more flexible.

Yes, the animals are pretty neat, especially the Ostrich ... it's probably my favorite animal in ToT, just because I LOVE riding it! I could ride that thing for several days straight in ToT. I also really dig the silkworms, they've been quite profitable and I like bugs ... If only they lived longer ...

The wild animals are also great, as they really add to the landscape, which is why I don't mind having to wait so long to adopt them. I'll be quite stoked though to walk through down with my adopted pets marching right behind me.

I played a whole year in ToT (actually a little more), satisfy my curiosities and hype for the game. Now once I finish MM (magical notes - gotta catch em' all), I'm going back, starting over from scratch, and enjoying the first year all over again, but at a somewhat ... easier pace. There's still a ton for me to discover in ToT but I won't be rushing all over the place looking for everything or getting lost (yeah, I got lost a lot in the beginning... the island is huge).

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. I've loved all Nintendo platforms but I've favored the DS too. Wind Bazaar looks like a lot of fun, and the DS isn't region locked, so it may be worth importing for myself. ;)

Freyashawk said...

I always enjoy my second game more than the first. When I was working on ToT for the strategy guide, my data became corrupted at the beginning of the second year. I was frantic temporarily until I reconciled myself to the idea that I'd have to begin a new game. When I did, I enjoyed it twice as much and made twice as much progress in half the time. I can't understand players who play any Harvest Moon game only once... much of the enjoyment comes only after one is familiar with the map, the characters and all the mechanics of success.