Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Predictions in Rune Factory 2

A fascinating option in Rune Factory 2 is the ability to pay for a change in the weather. It is not a guaranteed success when one pays, but the possibility is there. When you speak to Alicia and ask her to use her fortune-telling abilities, you have the following options:

Weather reading.

Tomorrow’s weather.
I want it to be sunny tomorrow.
I want it to rain tomorrow.
Oh, never mind.

If you ask for a specific result, like rain, she will say:
Alicia: That will be quite difficult. But, for 1000G, I’ll give it a try!

If you ask for tomorrow’s weather, she will give it, THEN exact the price of 10G.

In other words, if money it tight in the first couple of days, you may wish to opt out of a weather prediction until you have purchased other real necessities. Even so, it is a very cool option indeed, especially after IoH, where the weather was set 6 days in advance...

I rather suspect this is Harvest Moon's answer to all the players like myself who reloaded their games again and again in other HM games (apart from IoH) in order to control the weather! For a mere 1000G, you can do it in an honest way.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, doesn't she always say things like "My prediction came true!" after different happenings? Even during the marriage ceremony in RF2, when all of the townspeople come and congratulate you on your wedding with a comment, when Alicia comes up, she says "I knew this would happen! My prediction came true!" or something to that extent. How funny.

Freyashawk said...

You know, there seems to be far more humour in Rune Factory 2 than in the original. It appears that the writers had a lot of fun with this game. It's very diverting.

Freyashawk said...

By the way, did you actually play through to the 'next generation' game?

Anonymous said...

Dear Freya,
Is RF2 the version where you can be a girl?

Anonymous said...

Freyashawk, are you asking me? If so, yes, I'm actually in the middle of it. I have so far defeated the Spring, Summer and Fall bosses; I'm still trying to become more powerful for the tough Winter boss. I picked the female child.

Freyashawk said...

Emma, it appears to me that you cannot choose your gender in your 'first generation' game, but when you have a child, you can choose between a son and a daughter. You then can play a 'second generation' game as the child, which gives all of the girl players a chance to play the game as a girl!

Yes, Anon, I was asking you... It seems to me that the female child would be the logical choice for any one who wishes to experience the maximum from this game. How long have you been playing it?

Anonymous said...

(I'm sorry; I had originally replied but it said Blogger was temporarily out of service)

I have been playing it since mid-February, about a month after its Japanese release. I figure Natsume was already busy translating 'Island' and 'Tree of Tranquility', so I assumed it would take a while to localize Rune Factory 2 (a bit over a year, assumed). However, I was surprised when they announced it with a fall release date! That's actually sooner than usual. I have beaten most of the game, but haven't played in a while... another struggle of importing games is either progressing in your current file or dropping it for a translated version.

Luckily, most important things (items and locations) used for quests are written in half-brackets, so I can just look everywhere for a place or thing that matches that text. It took me a season to learn two standard Japanese alphabets, but at least I have them memorized still!

Freyashawk said...

Good for you! I wish I were fluent in Japanese. I tried to learn a little but it never would suffice for Harvest Moon.

I am finding myself a little perplexed with RF2 though. Can you tell me: are some events time-related? What I really want to know is the earliest possible time to be able to start cooking... It seems that there is a limited amount of progress to be made at any given time or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Are you in the first generation? I haven't played in for a few months, so I have forgotten a few details. I believe that the cooking festivals are in the second generation, because Yue serves as a merchant still and you can buy from her. The kitchen would go to the school after expanding it. I'm told the town's gourmet will tell you the year's theme based on a list of randomly selected dishes and expect you to bring him it, either cooking it that day (which is about impossible!) or making it far in advance. So here is what I suggest:

Save the night before the festival, and talk to him, writing down every new theme he says this year is. When you think you've gotten them all, I guess you should start preparing the dishes for next year and store them in your fridge.

So, my answer is, the earliest time would be... as soon as the first year in the second generation ends! Yes, I always think festivals are hard on their first year, but it's almost impossible for RF2's Cooking Festival.

I am a little confused by your inquiry, however. I am not particularly "excellent" at this game, although I did gather enough information to begin writing a guide at one point. I never finished it, though. Now I feel sort of like I should.