Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Updated Changes in Tree of Tranquility

Changes from the builds on which the Official Strategy Guide is based and the final retail version now have been confirmed to include the following:

1. Raw fish no longer is available at the Fish Shop. Pascal sells only 'grilled' fish;
2. Decent Cocoons no longer can be purchased from the Brownie Ranch. This does not negate the exploitation I discovered but makes it a little more difficult as you must have silkworms of your own to spin the Cocoons. There still is profit to be made using your own Cocoons by transforming them into Silk Thread, then using Blue Herb to dye them to create the product with the highest shipping value.
3. From what I have been told, Wool no longer can be purchased from the Brownie Ranch either.


Anonymous said...

Freya, I have a question regarding your guides. I know you do guides other than Harvest Moon of course, but I was curious about Rune Factory Frontier coming for the Wii. You see, Natsume will not be publishing this title, instead XSEED will. Starting now, Rune Factory games are counted as a series on their own, after Rune Factory 2 they will not have Harvest Moon in their title. It is rumored to be released sometime in Q1 2009. Will you be doing a guide for this even still?

Freyashawk said...

Actually, if you look at the links on the right side of this page, you will see that I have written guides for many games apart from Harvest Moon, although I do tend to focus on Harvest Moon titles. I have little doubt that I will write a guide for Rune Factory Frontier if it appeals to me personally. After all, I am a 'free' agent in every sense of the word, although I could use a little money for some of this... (The guide I wrote for ToT was an exception as the only truly 'paid' guide.)

Note that I am only one person, though. I am limited by the amount of gameplay and writing I can do in a day. That is one reason my guides are updated frequently.

Freyashawk said...

P.S. For those interested in Natsume titles, it should be noted that Natsume does not publish only Harvest Moon. They have the 'River King' series as well as some other games. I believe they have produced some fishing games as well that are not part of either series. (I do not work for Natsume, although I enjoy a very positive relationship with them.)

Hikari Blaze said...

Haha, the conversation between Tanya and Roy was very amusing. Heh...

I'm glad to hear you're playing Rune Factory 2, lucky~ I am high anticipating this game.

I look forward to the wonderful job you'll do on the guides~

Freyashawk said...

Hikari, you are very kind! I certainly would like to create guides that do justice to this wonderful game.